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Website design is second nature to us at eBusiness UK.

Award-winning Web Design Agency in Manchester eBusiness UK has skilled web designers & developers who build stunning & SEO-optimised websites to increase sales..

eBusiness UK is a website design company with a wealth of experience in building custom online platforms for businesses globally.

Boasting 25 years of expertise, we have a diverse range of industry knowledge and a proven track record of creating ecommerce sites optimised for conversions, as well as service-based sites that prioritise ease of use and include unique and cutting-edge features.

25 Years of Designing Websites

Over 400 Websites Designed

Over 400 Satisfied Clients

The solution to your digital requirements is right here.

Our team of web designers in Manchester are ready to take your business online with an innovative and unique website focused on helping your company reach its potential.

What can a user friendly, responsive website do for my business?

Creating an online presence for your business begins with a website. As a web design agency in Manchester, we have been designing websites since 1998 and have the technical expertise to create a digital representation that reflects your company’s identity. A website that is not user-friendly can discourage potential customers

What types of websites do we design?

From ecommerce website design to user-friendly service-based websites there isn’t much we haven’t done in 25 years as a website designing company. Building complex, cutting edge features such as dynamic booking systems and seamless checkout systems our website design always aims to innovate. Whatever your requirements, our experts are ready.

Why choose web designers in Manchester?

Manchester has been at the forefront of digital innovation for years. The city is immensely competitive so you’ll need to be one step ahead of your competition. Investing in professional website design in Manchester can take your business to new heights.

Can’t I just build my own website?

There are many services that allow you to create your own website today but they don’t offer the professional and experienced touch that our web design team have. We’ve spent years building and designing websites and have collated a wealth of knowledge during this time. We’re always working with internet marketing best practices in mind so you can be sure your businesses digital home will be built with the tools and trends.

Get The Right Price

We understand that each business is different, thanks to our extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients. For that reason, we tackle each project with a fresh mindset and adapt our method to suit the particular requirements of ever client.

This flexible approach allows us to be cost-efficient and guarantees that you’re only paying for what your business needs.

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Types of Websites We Develop


When it comes to website development, WordPress is a highly popular platform chosen by thousands of business owners. Allowing you to easily make any changes you’ll be in the driving seat with your company’s website. Our WordPress website development team can create a one-of-a-kind digital home for your business, customised exactly how you want.


With all the features any business owner could need, WooCommerce allows you control delivery options, automatically calculate tax, and provide users with a variety of payment options plus much more! If you’re looking to setup an online ecommerce store, WooCommerce one of the best integrations out there.

Magento 2

An incredibly versatile e-commerce coding platform that grants users access to plethora of advanced features. With slick checkout processes that allow users to easily glide into converters, using Magento2 sets your business up for success. Our website developers and designers have a great level of experience in Magento website development and create a conversion focused website to deliver the results for you.


A platform trusted by millions, our web development team in Manchester have extensive experience using Shopify to create highly customisable ecommerce stores. It gives you as a business owner the tools to sell across multiple channels including through your website and social media. Our team will help your business to grow with Shopify ecommerce store.

Industries We Serve

The starting point for any digital marketing strategy has to be to develop online assets. A website is probably the most important digital tool your business can have. It provides a personalized home on the web for your company which showcases everything your customers need to know. We’ve provided websites for hundreds of businesses across a number of industries over our 25 years in web design.

Our client base spans a diverse range of industries and continues to expand.

Our ecommerce website development takes an approach centered on the user and optimised for conversions, making us experts in this field.

We can help small businesses reach new heights of success with a well-crafted website.

We design websites that effectively highlight your company’s strengths, leading to more leads.

We understand the importance of effectively communicating a charity’s message and use our expertise to create a customised website that achieves this goal.

In a competitive market, we create websites that stand out through visually appealing design and user-friendly booking systems, tailored for the hospitality industry.

We design websites that are professional and informative, clearly presenting their services.

We are experts in designing and developing in-depth and detailed websites that meet the complex needs of large corporations.

Our Process

As a web design company in Manchester our process has been refined over our 25 years of providing the service to hundreds of businesses.

Here’s a brief overview of the process of our web design in Manchester, so you know what to expect.

After you’ve made an enquiry with us, we’ll be in touch to understand exactly what your requirements are. We like to get a feel for who you are a business, what you want to showcase about yourself and where you can improve. This gives our web design experts a clear vision of your how your website should look and feel.

Our team will get together internally for a project launch.

We’ll then host meeting with you and your team to discuss the creative brief, here our web design gurus will ensure they have a detailed understanding of what you’re looking for.

Here, the project plan will be created along with the final site map for approval by you.

Concepts for both desktop and mobile device will be created, this gives you an idea of how the site will look and feel. We’ll get you to sign off on this to ensure you’re 100% happy with what we’ve designed..

The foundation of the site will be created with functional HTML pages which we’ll ask you to approve before we continue.

Our web team will begin CMS installation, software installations, theme creation, setting-up a test server and more!

We’ll create the pages that will populate your website along with any products too.

If you’ve opted to take advantage of our specialist SEO services, we’ll ensure all the content created is optimised to rank highly on search engine result pages.

We’ll test and test again to ensure your website is fully functional and identify any potential bugs.

Once our work is done, we’ll hand the site over to you so your businesses online journey can begin. We’ll train you and your team with a full demonstration so you’ll be confident using the site

Any final revisions and fixes will be made to the site ready for launch.

Your site is ready to be launched onto the world wide web

Why Choose Us

25 Years’ experience of web development in Manchester: Dating back over two decades we’ve been designing websites for businesses since 1998, creating truly unique digital spaces that deliver the results your business needs.

Laser focused on the results
your business wants to see

Ultimately, a website is built to deliver results for your business. Our web developers in Manchester driven by the desire to see your business succeed.

A collaborative

You know your business best and that’s why we work closely with your team to build the perfect website for your company.

Websites built with SEO
in mind

The digital marketing puzzle has many pieces and we’re more than just a web design company in Manchester. We have experts in SEO, PPC and more!

Development Platforms

There are many tools to get the job done and our web developers in Manchester are experts with many of them!

Our Work in Practice

We like to let our work do the talking, take a look at some of our projects from website design in Manchester.


It’s easy to think that if you don’t sell products online, you don’t need a website. The truth is a website can serve so many more purposes, you can see increased footfall to your bricks and mortar store and increased enquiries regarding your services or products. We’ve been providing web design around Manchester for 25 years and we have seen first-hand the positive impact it can have.

If you don’t have the expertise in-house to develop and design your own website, hiring a professional web design company is highly recommended. Building a user-friendly, conversion rate-optimised and mobile-friendly website requires the touch of an expert. Our web designers in Manchester can add that professionalism to your business’s digital home.

The time it takes to build a website can vary depending on the size and complexity of the site. We’ll never rush our work and ensure you and your team are kept fully in the loop with timescales.

We take the view that every business is unique and so the website we build for them should reflect their individuality. With this in mind, we’ll never adopt a ‘one size fits all’ policy when it comes to pricing. This ensures you will only ever pay for exactly what your business needs.

How much you ‘should’ pay depends on the budget available to your business and what your requirements are when it comes to a website. Compared to other businesses providing web design in the UK we have relatively low overheads, given our location.

Ensuring your website is secure goes further than just preventing potential hacks. It instils trust in users that they are safe and increase the likelihood of conversions hugely. All websites we design come with an SSL certificate to ensure the connection between the user and server is secure.

Our goal as web developers is to build your website exactly to your specifications and then provide you with the tools to maintain and update the site as you see fit. We’ll give you a detailed demonstration of how your new website works so your success is firmly in your hands.

Beautifully designed, innovative websites are our passion. Standing out from the crowd is essential in such a competitive environment so you’ll need a creative website design. Manchester is a crowded environment for any business so having a cutting-edge custom website can put you one step ahead of the competition.

You could have the best website in the world but if no one sees it, what’s the point? It’s easy to get lost in a sea of competitors so we’ll always factor SEO into our web development. Manchester requires strong search engine optimisation to ensure your website is visible.

After your website is built, you may require some support while you get up and running. We offer annual maintenance contracts that ensure you’ll always have access to the help you need when you need it. We also offer support on an ad-hoc basis.

Other Services We Offer

We are not just limited to being a Magento eCommerce agency or a local web design company. Get quality traffic to your newly designed website with our digital marketing services!

Our Locations

We’ve come a long way since 1998 growing from a small business in Blackburn to providing our web design in Manchester and beyond.

London | Birmingham | Leeds | Bolton | Preston | Blackburn | Lancashire

Your Friendly Technical Partner

Our team providing web development in Manchester have bags of knowledge to assist you and your team with any queries you might after your website goes live.

We have annual maintenance contracts that give you access to any support you need and we’re also happy to help on a one-time basis too.

What do our clients say about us?

We’ve retained clients from over 20 years ago with businesses trusting our ability to deliver results as a web design agency in Manchester.

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