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Website design is second nature to us at eBusiness UK.

Award-winning Web Design Agency in Bolton eBusiness UK has expert web designers & developers who build interactive & SEO-optimised websites to increase sales.

Want to take your business online but don’t know here to start? At eBusinessUK we specialise in crafting visually appealing and responsive websites for a wide variety of businesses.

We’ve been in operation since 1998 and have garnered a wealth of knowledge during this time. Whether your business is starting its digital journey or wants to improve on what you already have we’ll create you a digital home capable of delivering the results your company needs.

25 Years of Designing Websites

Over 400 Websites Designed

Over 400 Satisfied Clients

Get the upper hand on your competitors

Any lack of effective digital assets (or any at all) can leave your business at a huge disadvantage. Get the upper hand on your competitors with a user-friendly, quality website that showcases your businesses best qualities.

What can a user friendly, responsive website do for my business?

User friendliness in a website can be make or break. Our web design in Bolton puts your business in a prime position to get maximum conversions. Easy to navigate and focused on meeting the needs of your target audience your customers will leave feeling wowed.

What types of websites do we design?

With our 25 years of experience, we’ve done a lot in web development. Bolton, being such a diverse town requires a variety of different website types. From static websites with just a few pages of HTML, complex dynamic sites that make use of content management system such as WordPress and conversion optimised e-commerce sites our team can meet your needs, whatever they are.

Why choose web development in Bolton?

If you’re a business based in Bolton, you’ll need a website that’s going to keep you competitive. Our professional web developers in Bolton will provide the quality assurance that your company deserves. We’ll provide SEO friendly websites that look good, feel good and are easy for your customers to find.

Can’t I just build my own website?

When it comes to business, mistakes can be costly. Building your own website can be a cost-effective solution if you have the technical know-how. If you’ve never built a website before you might be missing out on potential conversions for your business by not following internet marketing best practices. Our website developers and designers have spent years perfecting their craft to ensure that every website we create is modern and innovative.

Get The Right Price

For every business owner, return on investment is a huge consideration. Professional website design in Bolton should be viewed as an investment, because a correctly developed and designed digital home for your business can open the door to massive potential growth.

Our pricing is always based on what you require of a website. You’ll never pay over the odds or for more than what your business needs.

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Types of Websites We Develop


A content management system (CMS) hugely popular for its ease of use and flexibility. Our WordPress website development team are capable of creating custom themes to showcase your businesses personality. With a wide range of plugins and resources available through WordPress it has earned its title as one of the most popular CMSs in the world.


A widely utilised WordPress ecommerce plugin. WooCommerce allows you to sell products and services through your website. Supporting a variety of payment options, you can make it easier than ever for your customers to check out and with detailed reporting and analytics you can keep track of exactly how business is going.

Magento 2

Another hugely popular ecommerce platform used to create and manage online stores. Our team have a deep understanding of Magento website development and can get your business set up with highly customisable, SEO optimised, mobile-friendly and secure online store to get the conversions flowing for your company.


A user-friendly store ecommerce platform that offers a great range of features. Featuring responsive design and customisation we can build create an online space that truly reflects who you are as a business. As a website designing company, we’re well practiced using Shopify and have built many websites over they years using this ecommerce platform.

Industries We Serve

Regardless of industry, any business with a poorly developed and designed website will have seen the negative impact it can have. It can serve to frustrate users and results in your business losing out on valuable custom. A good base to launch your successful digital marketing campaign is to build a website focused on achieving the goals your business wants to.

Our client base spans a diverse range of industries and continues to expand.

Ecommerce has to be focused on conversion rate optimisation. We’ll build a website that presents your products and services in a way that makes them irresistible to potential buyers.

Small businesses can gain a huge advantage by investing in a correctly designed website. Your company could see the growth you’ve always dreamed of.

Struggling with lead generation for your business? A website that demonstrates your companies’ services to potential clients could be the answer.

A charities website needs to speak to users on a personal message and convey an important message.

Sleek designs and user-friendly interfaces make the best hospitality websites, paired with strong visuals and easy to use booking systems will see the results you’re looking for follow.

Organised and informative, websites built for businesses operating in the finance sector need to clearly display the services available for potential clients.

Large scale websites with a variety of functionality and all the information anyone could need on your business.

Our Process

Our web design in Bolton has come a long way since 1998, we’ve developed a tried and tested process, proven to produce sites that deliver results.

Here’s a brief overview of what to expect from our web design company for your Bolton business:

After you’ve made an enquiry with us, we’ll be in touch to understand exactly what your requirements are. We like to get a feel for who you are a business, what you want to showcase about yourself and where you can improve. This gives our web design experts a clear vision of your how your website should look and feel.

Our team will get together internally for a project launch.

We’ll then host meeting with you and your team to discuss the creative brief, here our web design gurus will ensure they have a detailed understanding of what you’re looking for.

Here, the project plan will be created along with the final site map for approval by you.

Concepts for both desktop and mobile device will be created, this gives you an idea of how the site will look and feel. We’ll get you to sign off on this to ensure you’re 100% happy with what we’ve designed..

The foundation of the site will be created with functional HTML pages which we’ll ask you to approve before we continue.

Our web team will begin CMS installation, software installations, theme creation, setting-up a test server and more!

We’ll create the pages that will populate your website along with any products too.

If you’ve opted to take advantage of our specialist SEO services, we’ll ensure all the content created is optimised to rank highly on search engine result pages.

We’ll test and test again to ensure your website is fully functional and identify any potential bugs.

Once our work is done, we’ll hand the site over to you so your businesses online journey can begin. We’ll train you and your team with a full demonstration so you’ll be confident using the site

Any final revisions and fixes will be made to the site ready for launch.

Your site is ready to be launched onto the world wide web

Why Choose Us

25 Years’ Experience of web development in Bolton: There aren’t many businesses that have been providing web design in the UK for 25 years. We’ve been at the forefront of the industry, producing cutting edge digital homes.

Laser focused on the results
your business wants to see

Our web designers in Bolton are driven by the desire to deliver results for your business. Our success is measured by your success.

A collaborative

We’ll always strive to work with you and your team collaborating to produce the best website we can, exactly to your specifications.

Websites built with SEO
in mind

Digital marketing encompasses many aspects, and we are not just a web design Agency in Bolton, our team also has experts in search engine optimisation, pay-per-click and more to level up your marketing strategy.

Development Platforms

Our web developers in Bolton have the skill and expertise to effectively use a variety of tools to complete their tasks.

Our Work in Practice

We believe that our work should speak for itself, take a look at some of our web design in Bolton.


Many people mistakenly believe that a website is only necessary for e-commerce businesses. However, a website can serve many purposes and can even drive more customers to physical stores and increase interest in services or products. With our 25 years of experience as a web design agency in Bolton and beyond, we have personally witnessed the powerful advantages of having a website.

As a business owner, you want the best for your company. So, consider this: are you capable of creating the website your business deserves and requires? If the answer is no, then it may be worth hiring professional web designers.

As a web design agency in Bolton, we dedicate time and attention to creating websites that meet the specific needs of your business. The length of time it takes to build a website varies depending on the requirements. We understand that transparency is important to businesses in Bolton and will provide clear timeframes for the completion of your company’s new website.

Web design in the UK varies in cost among businesses and depends on the specific needs of the website. Instead of offering set prices, we take a personalised approach with each client to ensure they pay only for what they need.

It’s important to only invest in digital marketing services that are cost-effective for your business. Professional web Development in Bolton will certainly help to grow your local, national or even international business.

In today’s digital age, online security is crucial. Many users are cautious about the websites they visit and where they make purchases. Our web designers in Bolton ensure your website has an SSL certificate to give users the confidence that your website is trusted and secure, making them more likely to make a purchase.

As web designers in Bolton, we’ll ensure you are well-equipped to manage your website long after the initial development process has finished. The content management systems our developers use such as WordPress are easy to manage, giving you full control over your business’s website.

For a diverse and competitive town like Bolton, it is crucial to have modern and visually appealing digital assets that set you apart from the competition. As web designers, Bolton businesses frequently turn to us for cutting-edge website design and trust us to deliver the results they need.

Our primary objective is to deliver results for your business, and this cannot be achieved without giving your website the best opportunity for digital visibility. While an attractive web design is essential, it’s also important for your Bolton-based business to be seen and visited by relevant users searching for your products or services. We will ensure your website is set up for success with SEO-friendly eCommerce website design.

After your website is finished, our work may not be done as a web design company. Your Bolton-based business might need assistance. For this, we offer annual maintenance contracts. Additionally, we provide support on an as-needed basis.

Other Services We Offer

We are not just a Magento Commerce agency or a local web design company, our digital marketing services will also help generate high-quality traffic for your newly designed website.

Your Friendly Technical Partner

Our web development team possess vast expertise to help you and your team with any questions you may have after your website is launched.

We offer annual maintenance contracts that provide access to support as needed and we are also willing to assist on a one-time basis.

What do our clients say about us?

Our clients from over 20 years ago continue to trust us as a web design company in Bolton thanks to our ability to achieve successful outcomes.

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