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Having been in the business since 1998, we know what it takes to drive a successful organic growth strategy. As an SEO agency we’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses and developed our own battle tested SEO methods.

We’ll work with you and your team to elevate your position in search engines, increasing your businesses online visibility and ultimately translating into the result you want to see.

SEO Preston; how can SEO grow your business?

Preston is fast becoming an extremely competitive city to operate in, to ensure your business can stand the test of time you’ll need to be visible. Our Preston SEO strategies can make your business stand out from the crowd,giving you access to a quality audience actively searching for your products or services. Your business might have its sights set further afield than Preston which is no problem for our SEO experts. We specialise in local, national and international strategies so whatever your business needs, we can deliver.

Local SEO

Preston is the home of many successful businesses with a variety of industries present in the city. To ensure you don’t get lost in the crowd a local SEO Preston strategy could see great benefits for your local custom. We’ll optimise your businesses Google Business Profile along with other proven techniques to make your company talk of the town.

National SEO

Your business might already operate at a national level or you may have the ambition to expand across the country. Whatever the case we can develop and maintain a national search engine optimisation strategy that can extend your reach to potential customers on a larger scale.

International SEO

If you have the capacity to deliver your services and products globally, you’ll need be digitally competitive. You might have noticed potentially untapped markets in nations around the world but you’re not sure how to reach them. For our SEO experts, Preston is just one of thousands of cities around the world we can target. Our team will have your business competing with the best on a global scale.

Results to Inspire You…

You’ll see every SEO agency Preston talking about “results”. At eBusinessUK we’ve worked with hundreds of clients during our 20+ years in the industry and created long standing partnerships with clients based on the results they know we can deliver. We’re emphatic about delivering the results your business wants to see and we’ll always be transparent about the affect our work is having for your company.

What do our clients say about us?

We work best when working collaboratively with our clients considering them more as partners. Understanding your goals and who you are as a business allows us to do our best work and we’re always open to chat about any suggestions you might have.

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Reviews of our services

Our 21-step process for SEO success

We have developed our own 21-step process for SEO success which incorporates the many tried and tested SEO methods we have deployed over the years as an SEO company. This has allowed us to take a structured approach to organically growing a business ensuring all the essential elements of search engine optimisation are included along the way. It takes you and your business through the planning stage of an SEO strategy all the way to maintaining and improving to ensure you stay competitive.

We’ve detailed the process in 4 stages to give an idea of how we work:

We’ll start by understanding your business and what your short, medium and long-term goals are. We’ll also establish what your past marketing strategies have been and what your current marketing strategy looks like. Our dedicated SEO team will undertake extensive research to establish how we can best deliver the results you’re looking for. This includes using a variety of tools to understand your SEO equity, domain authority score and the quality of any backlinks you have. We’ll also audit your website to analyse and identify any technical issues and how user friendly the site is.

Following your face-to-face project launch with the SEO team, the planning of your SEO campaign begins. We’ll conduct extensive keyword research using SEMrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and more to present you with a list of keywords relevant to your business whilst also taking into account your closest competitors to give you the competitive edge. This is presented alongside a keyword mapping document whereby we identify the most relevant pages on your website to optimise in line with the agreed keywords and should we be unable to identify one, then we would suggest appropriate ones to be created. We also produce a benchmark report so you can see where these keywords currently rank on Google results pages prior to optimisation.

This is where all the hard work starts to take form. With agreed targeted keywords determined in the planning phase, we’ll create a content strategy which focuses on driving results for your business. We’ll get to work on deploying an ethical link-building campaign and produce a monthly content plan for frequent content to be uploaded onto the website. This along with the optimisation of your Google Business Profile aims to boost your organic rankings and in turn, deliver the results you need. Recommended technical changes to your site to ensure it is user friendly and any required improvements to Core Web Vitals will guarantee your online assets are optimised for success.

This is where we see the fruits of our labour. We’ll continue to work closely with you to ensure you know what effect our work has had on your business and how we intend to maintain and improve the strategies on a monthly recurring basis. You can expect monthly post-optimisation reports and we’ll work alongside you to identify and fix any technical issues that might pop-up.

So, how do you do it?

Our white hat SEO tactics are carried out using industry standard tools by experts who know how to get the best out of them. We are continually looking out for the best new tools and technologies to ensure we stay ahead of the SEO game.

The Elements of SEO

Understanding you closest competitors is essential in business and it’s just as important to a successful SEO strategy. Our team will carry out extensive research to see how you competitors are performing and we can beat them to the results.

To understand where your current SEO equity is we offer a free auditing service. This involves our SEO experts carrying out a detailed examination of your website to assess how well SEO is being carried out among other aspects that can affect your organic ranking.

Keyword research has been and always will be essential to search engine optimisation. If you search “SEO company Preston” for example you’ll see hundreds of businesses related to your search. Part of this is identifying the correct keywords to target based on different factors.

As an experienced SEO firm we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to implementing on-page SEO. This relates to the content that is created for your website along with internal linking and other activities.

Creating links to your website from relevant sources is highly important to Google, which is where the majority of organic traffic will find your business. We’ll carry out white hat SEO tactics to develop ethical links that generate valuable traffic to your website.

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How we deliver results

Get to know us

We’ve been providing digital marketing services since 1998, helping businesses to grow and growing alongside them the whole time.

We strive to partner with ambitious companies who want to experience growth and are open to collaborative work. We aim to have a deep understanding of who you are as a business and what your goals are. This allows us to focus on what we believe to be most important: results.

Over the last two decades we’ve developed significantly as a business and we’re continually striving to improve by staying up to date with best practices and the using the best tools available.

Your Friendly Technical Partner

We’ve always been proud of the relationships we have built with clients over the years. We’ve provided SEO services in Preston and beyond for years, developing productive partnerships with businesses who have the desire to grow. We’re always happy for a chat if you think there’s anything we should be doing and our team of SEO specialist are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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We’ve worked with a multitude of businesses providing SEO services from Preston to London.

Preston is a diverse place with a range of people, businesses and places to see – just like us! Over the past two decades we’ve worked with businesses in a number of industries.

Check the variety of businesses we’ve delivered results for!

As a digital marketing agency we can help your business grow using our expertise in PPC, web design and ecommerce.


A mixture of paid and organic traffic is healthy way to ensure consistent traffic. We’ll develop a PPC campaign focused on ROI.

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Web Design

Responsive. Professional. Personal. First impressions count and your website could be a first touch point for a potential customer.

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If you’re selling goods and services online you’ll need a fully integrated ecommerce site, our team can get you set up.

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Transparency is part of who we are, so we won’t tell you SEO is going to change your business overnight. However, as an SEO consultant with over 20 years of experience, we know the results it can deliver over time.

Ask yourself why you want to invest in SEO in the first place. This will help you to find the right kind of company for your business. We’re results driven and passionate about working collaboratively with our clients.

Most of your organic will come from Google, It’s the most popular search engine by a long shot. Google has a set of guidelines which helps to understand how best to go about search engine optimisation. Google places high importance on quality links to your website as it shows relevant content.

Understanding how your current SEO game stacks up can help you decide whether to invest in an SEO agency. We have developed an 8-point “for humans, by humans” SEO appraisal which provides an in-depth analysis which generates a detailed written report of your strengths and weaknesses and what opportunities there are for your business.

Google penalties can adversely affect your business’s website. Black hat SEO tactics can result in Google dropping your organic ranking. We are an experienced SEO firm, so we’ve encountered most scenarios at one time or another. Our team will work to identify what has caused the penalty and use proven white hat SEO tactics going forward.

Keyword research is more than just finding the words and phrases that are related to your business, products and services. For example, there are likely to be many businesses targeting “Preston SEO agency” as a keyword, therefore it will be very competitive. Identifying the keywords that your business will be able to compete with is essential in increasing your organic ranking.

Depending on the scope of the project the cost can vary. Instead of offering a flat rate for monthly SEO packages we take the time to understand exactly what your requirements are and what will see a positive ROI for your business.

Our SEO consultants will closely with your team to understand exactly what strategy is right for you. We’ll use the information we gather at our first point of contact along with the conversations we have together along the way to ensure your SEO game is right.

Search engine optimisation has long been a key activity in digital marketing and we’ve helped many businesses to grow with successful strategies. Effective SEO will see increased traffic to your website, potentially leading to more customers. The more technical elements will ensure your digital assets are all well-optimised, SEO has many benefits. There are of course other methods to obtain digital growth, such as PPC and online reputation management.

If your business is looking to grow its digital footprint, then yes. SEO isn’t an industry-specific activity so the only requirement for it to be right for your business is a desire for growth.

We’ve been in the digital field for over 20 years and our experience shows through the results we obtain. We like to let our work do the talking as we’ve had hundreds of happy clients over the years.

We’re always looking to work with businesses that have the aspiration and resources to grow.

As a well-established SEO company, we’ve grown familiar with a range of industry-standard tools and technology. Our team have become experts with tools such as SEMrush and Google Search Console.

Looking for an SEO agency? Preston is a competitive city, so have a chat with us to see how we can help you stand out from the crowd.

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