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A Blackburn based SEO agency serving clients all over the UK with results at the heart of everything we do

SEO Agency in Blackburn, eBusiness UK provides business growing SEO services that increase your website visibility to generate real sales.

Which type of SEO do you need?

If you’re new to SEO you might be wondering, what type of SEO does my business need? As an experienced marketing agency with over 2 decades of knowledge we can ensure your SEO strategy is right for you. Whether your targeting local business with an optimised Google Business Profile or your market reach extends nationally or even internationally our SEO experts can help you target the leads you want.

Local SEO

With more users than ever searching on mobile devices a local SEO strategy can put your business to the top of the list when a local lead searches for your services or products. This also includes a Google Business Profile which displays vital information about your business on search engine results pages and showcases off your customer reviews.

National SEO

If you’re looking to branch out to a national level or want to improve your reach across the country then search engine optimisation can help your business. This broader scope can put your companies’ offerings in front of leads and customers that may potentially have never considered your business before. If they can’t see you, they won’t choose you.

International SEO

If you’re an ambitious company with the desire and resources to grow, an international SEO strategy could elevate your business to new levels. Reaching leads across the globe can boost your reach exponentially. Our SEO team will work to understand which strategy is right for your business.

Results To Inspire You…

Over the 20 years in the business, we’ve developed tried and tested white hat SEO tactics to drive organic rankings and deliver results that see companies grow. Don’t judge an SEO company on what they say they can do, judge them on what they have done.

Our results have led to partnerships with clients who have seen first hand the effectiveness of our SEO strategies, join them in making us your go to SEO agency in Blackburn.

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Reviews of our services

Our 21-step process for SEO success

Our 20+ years’ experience providing SEO services in Blackburn has taught us that search engine optimisation is an ever-evolving element of digital marketing, whilst maintaining a vital role in a successful online strategy. We’ve developed a 21-step process that allows us to stay ahead of the curve and utilise the best practices and tools to deliver consistent results.

We’ve compiled our 21-step process into 4 stages to give you an idea of how we work:

We’ll start by understanding your business and what your short, medium and long-term goals are. We’ll also establish what your past marketing strategies have been and what your current marketing strategy looks like. Our dedicated SEO team will undertake extensive research to establish how we can best deliver the results you’re looking for. This includes using a variety of tools to understand your SEO equity, domain authority score and the quality of any backlinks you have. We’ll also audit your website to analyse and identify any technical issues and determine how user friendly the site is.

Following your face-to-face project launch with the SEO team, the planning of your SEO campaign begins. We’ll conduct extensive keyword research using SEMrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and more to present you with a list of keywords relevant to your business whilst also taking into account your closest competitors to give you the competitive edge. This is presented alongside a keyword mapping document whereby we identify the most relevant pages on your website to optimise in line with the agreed keywords and should we be unable to identify one, then we would suggest appropriate ones to be created. We also produce a benchmark report so you can see where these keywords currently rank on Google results pages prior to optimisation.

This is where all the hard work starts to take form. With agreed targeted keywords determined in the planning phase, we’ll create a content strategy which focuses on driving results for your business. We’ll get to work on deploying an ethical link-building campaign and produce a monthly content plan for frequent content to be uploaded onto the website. This along with the optimisation of your Google Business Profile aims to boost your organic rankings and in turn, deliver the results you need. Recommended technical changes to your site to ensure it is user friendly and any required improvements to Core Web Vitals will guarantee your online assets are optimised for success.

This is where we see the fruits of our labour. We’ll continue to work closely with you to ensure you know what effect our work has had on your business and how we intend to maintain and improve the strategies on a monthly recurring basis. You can expect monthly post-optimisation reports and we’ll work alongside you to identify and fix any technical issues that might pop-up.

So, how do you do it?

We’re constantly developing our SEO strategies. Our SEO specialists utilise the latest tools and technology to ensure we’re at the top of our game meaning your businesses online presence stands the best chance at growth.

Elements of SEO

Understanding what the competition is doing can be vital in a successful SEO strategy. This allows us to keep your business one step ahead and be first to the results.

We offer an 8-point ‘for humans, by humans SEO appraisal which tells you where your businesses SEO game is at by evaluating factors such as your content and current ranking on SERPS (search engine results page)

Identifying the correct keywords for your business is arguably one of the most important steps. This ensures that all of your content is presented to the relevant audience giving you high quality traffic who are more likely to convert to customers.

On page SEO see’s the implementation of chosen keywords into content, meta tags internal linking and more to ensure a website is placed to rank well with Googles latest updates in mind.

This involves link building to drive traffic from trusted sources related to your business. This improves your domain authority as well obtaining quality traffic.

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How we deliver results

An SEO company in Blackburn with results at the forefront of everything we do

We’ve been delivering elite level service and results for over 20 years. Founding long-lasting partnerships with businesses in order to understand your goals and objectives and ultimately drive what’s most important to you: results.

eBusiness UK has been operating successfully for 2 decades. We’re SEO experts in Blackburn who take pride in delivering outstanding results for our clients. We have helped hundreds of businesses improve their organic rankings with tried and tested white hat SEO tactics.

Whether you’re a business based in Blackburn, or beyond, SEO should be a focus in order to gain online visibility. What sets us apart from other digital agencies is that we operate our own multi-million-pound online brand. We have first hand experience in what It takes to grow a business and what results should drive your thinking. When you pair this knowledge with our years of working with clients as an SEO agency you can be sure your business is in safe hand.

t’s easy for any SEO firm to say they deliver results, so we don’t just expect you to take our word for it. we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the years to deliver results that have a tangible impact.

Your Friendly Technical Partner

We prefer to see our clients as partners. We want to build a relationship that encourages open communication so we can design an SEO strategy for your business, to get the results you want. As a long standing Blackburn SEO agency, we know that your business comes first. That’s why we work with you to fully understand your golds and objectives and use this understanding to drive our work.

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We offer more than just Blackburn SEO; we serve businesses across many industries up and down the UK.

Any SEO consultant will tell you: regardless of what industry you operate in, to drive a successful digital marketing strategy, search engine optimisation has to play a key role. SEO is about putting your business in front of people who are actively searching for your services or products. They represent leads who when presented with the relevant content stand a high chance of converting. We offer SEO packages in Blackburn and beyond to a wide range of business, so don’t underestimate the affect SEO can have for you.

Check the variety of businesses we’ve delivered results for!

Other Services We Offer

We provide more than just SEO services in Blackburn. We have experts in PPC, web design and ecommerce so if you’re looking to grow your digital footprint, we’d love to hear from you!


Paid advertising can offer your business quick wins when it comes to search visibility. PPC can supplement SEO to boost your digital footprint.

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Web Design

A well-designed, user-friendly website can be pivotal in converting a lead to a customer. We offer bespoke website design to suit your businesses goals.

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If you’re looking to convert your website to an online store or build something new, our team can create a digital store with user experience in mind.

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SEO is an important factor if you’re considering mid to long-term growth. As an experienced agency offering SEO services in Blackburn, we know that search engine optimisation can’t be used for quick wins. However, when the results from SEO begin to show you can see your business’s online presence really grow.

You know best what your business needs to grow. You should look to work with a company that understands and shares this vision. eBusiness UK aims to do this exactly. Working towards a shared goal for your company through a carefully devised SEO strategy.

Our SEO experts use industry-standard tools to create inbound links from the most relevant sites to your business, thus giving you the best chance at improving rankings for your website. Talk to us about our SEO packages in Blackburn to find out what else we can do to improve your organic rankings.

Over the years as an SEO consultant in Blackburn we’ve come across almost everything. Google penalties can be resolved and we’ll work tirelessly to get your website back on track.

Understandably, you’ll want to know where your business stands before any SEO activities are undertaken to give you an idea of how where you started. We offer a free 30-minute consultation and as an SEO specialist, we have developed an 8-point appraisal to see how your SEO game stacks up.

This all comes down to who you want to target your services or products to. We may offer SEO packages in Blackburn but our team can reach potential customers all over the world with the right strategy.

SEO package prices vary from business to business. Depending on the needs of your company will determine the cost.

If your goal is online growth then investing in SEO is a business-smart decision. As an SEO company in Blackburn, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses to achieve their goals with the help of a successful SEO strategy.

Ask yourself this: do I want my business to reach potential leads who are actively searching for the services or products I offer? If the answer is yes, that’s why you need SEO and as an SEO firm, it’s our job to do just that. You might also want to pursue other digital growth strategies such as PPC and online reputation management but these can sometimes prove less cost-effective than a good SEO strategy.

SEO shouldn’t be viewed as a process specific to any business or industry. We understand that the ultimate goal of any business is to get results and this is what drives us every day; delivering results for our clients. Once we understand the kind of results your business needs we’ll get to work on achieving them through our proven search engine optimisation tactics that we have developed as an SEO company over the last two decades.

It would be easy for us to say we’re an SEO specialist in Blackburn but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. In fact, we’d rather you listen to what our clients have to say about us and how we’ve helped them rank organically.

We’re more than just SEO Blackburn, we offer our services to businesses up and down the country across many different industries.

As a well-established SEO company in Blackburn, we use tools such as Google Analytics and SEMrush to carry out high-quality SEO.

Would we be a good fit?

Our SEO experts in Blackburn are waiting to work with you and your team. If you’re looking to grow your business, an SEO strategy could give you the results you’re looking for.

When you submit the form below, we will contact you and arrange a free 30-minute strategy. This will help you determine if we are a good fit for each other. There is no cost for this strategy session, and no obligation on either side to proceed.

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