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For any business a city like Birmingham is the opportune location to thrive. A bustling and diverse metropolis which offers the chance for any industry to succeed. But with thousands of businesses all competing how do you stand out from the crowd?

eBusinessUK is a well-established SEO agency with over 20 years’ experience. Delivering results is in our DNA and our SEO services in Birmingham can digitally elevate your business above the rest.

SEO Birmingham; how can SEO grow your business?

Competition in Birmingham is fierce, with thousands of businesses competing to win custom, you’ll need a well optimised SEO strategy focused on your target area. What’s more if your business has aspirations of expanding to a national or international level then the markets only become more congested. Search engine optimisation can consistently drive traffic to your business online, putting your service offerings in front those who are actively searching for it. Our SEO experts have a wealth of knowledge in the field and can cater for your digital goals.

Local SEO

A localised SEO strategy is vital for a company in a city like Birmingham that is teeming with business. If you’re objective is to target local custom, as SEO experts, Birmingham presents a challenge we relish. We’ll use tactics we’ve developed over two decades including an optimised Google Business profile which serve as your digital storefront containing vital information.

National SEO

If You’re looking for more than just SEO services for Birmingham and have visions to grow your business nationally then our team can help to achieve this. We can expand the reach of your business to target potential leads across the nation to put your services and products in front of a larger audience.

International SEO

If you’ve got the aspirations and resources your company may already be or want to go global. This unlocks access to an enormous market which could result in traffic, leads you’re your revenue increasing exponentially. We offer more than just SEO Birmingham and can help your business grow to levels you might not have thought possible.

Results to Inspire You…

In the world of search engine optimisation results come in many forms: increased organic rankings, increased traffic and domain authority, to name just a few. But we understand you want to see the results that have a direct impact on your business. Our SEO experts will work to ensure that these improved digital metrics translate into tangible results for your business such as conversions and leads.

What do our clients say about us?

Client feedback has been a pivotal part of what has moulded us as a business over the last 20+ years. Our digital marketing strategies have allowed us to found partnerships with our clients for many years and we’re also interested to hear what they think

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Our Service Reviews

Our 21-step process for SEO success

An impactful Birmingham SEO strategy should have a well-planned, structured approach and this is exactly what we have developed during our time as an SEO agency. Our 21-step SEO success roadmap has been meticulously designed to ensure all of the many faces of search engine optimisation are covered. So, although your business might be surrounded by competitors, our approach to improving organic visibility could see you gain the competitive edge.

We’ve compiled our 21-step process into 4 stages to give you an idea of how we work:

We’ll start by understanding your business and what your short, medium and long-term goals are. We’ll also establish what your past marketing strategies have been and what your current marketing strategy looks like. Our dedicated SEO team will undertake extensive research to establish how we can best deliver the results you’re looking for. This includes using a variety of tools to understand your SEO equity, domain authority score and the quality of any backlinks you have. We’ll also audit your website to analyse and identify any technical issues and how user friendly the site is.

Following your face-to-face project launch with the SEO team, the planning of your SEO campaign begins. We’ll conduct extensive keyword research using SEMrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and more to present you with a list of keywords relevant to your business whilst also taking into account your closest competitors to give you the competitive edge. This is presented alongside a keyword mapping document whereby we identify the most relevant pages on your website to optimise in line with the agreed keywords and should we be unable to identify one, then we would suggest appropriate ones to be created. We also produce a benchmark report so you can see where these keywords currently rank on Google results pages prior to optimisation.

This is where all the hard work starts to take form. With agreed targeted keywords determined in the planning phase, we’ll create a content strategy which focuses on driving results for your business. We’ll get to work on deploying an ethical link-building campaign and produce a monthly content plan for frequent content to be uploaded onto the website. This along with the optimisation of your Google Business Profile aims to boost your organic rankings and in turn, deliver the results you need. Recommended technical changes to your site to ensure it is user friendly and any required improvements to Core Web Vitals will guarantee your online assets are optimised for success.

This is where we see the fruits of our labour. We’ll continue to work closely with you to ensure you know what effect our work has had on your business and how we intend to maintain and improve the strategies on a monthly recurring basis. You can expect monthly post-optimisation reports and we’ll work alongside you to identify and fix any technical issues that might pop-up.

So, how do you do it?

The tools chosen to carry out SEO are crucial. Ensuring the latest technology is utilised to stay one step ahead of Googles changing search algorithm updates is make or break for any SEO company.

Our team use industry standard tools to get the job done and we’re always on the lookout for the next best thing.

The Elements of SEO

Competition is a part of business and keeps us all on our toes. Our SEO specialist will carry out a detailed competitor analyses to see how you and your team stack up against them. Then we’re able to make suggestions on how to gain the competitive edge.

We offer an 8-point ‘for humans, by humans’ SEO appraisal in which an SEO consultant takes into account the different aspects of your current SEO strategy. With these in mind you’ll be given a detailed report which includes your strengths and weaknesses, and where the opportunities or your business are.

A fundament of SEO. Researching and selecting the relevant keywords to your business based on several factors such as keyword difficulty will allow Google to understand exactly what your content is about, resulting in relevant and quality traffic.

On-page SEO relates to the content creation that will be placed onto your website. If for example you were targeting a local Birmingham SEO strategy, then your content would be focused locally and relevant to Birmingham.

Off-page consists of elements such as backlinks. Google prioritises links to your sight highly. As an SEO specialist, we’ll use white hat SEO tactics to generate quality backlinks to your site.

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How we deliver results

An SEO agency in Birmingham that drives results for your business

Over 2 decades of providing SEO services in Birmingham and beyond has given us the opportunity to adapt to the shifting sands of search marketing, developing us as an SEO firm the whole time. We’ve pioneered digital services since 1998 and we only have plans to grow.

We’re driven by the desire to digitally grow businesses and be part of some amazing journeys as companies reach new milestones. As an SEO consultant we’re there every step of the way to guide you in climbing the organic ladder

For us, working with a business as a partner to nurture growth works best. We want a deep understanding of your business’s goals so that our SEO consultants can design an SEO strategy to suit your needs exactly.

That’s enough about us. We want to hear from you, get in touch to see what growth opportunities there might be for you and your team.

Your Friendly Technical Partner

Searches for “SEO agency Birmingham” or “SEO specialist Birmingham” will return pages of Google results from companies offering search engine optimisation. We think our approach to working with clients makes us different from the rest. We want to be your digital partner, offering continued support to enable growth. We’re on hand to answer any questions and most importantly, as your partner, we’re transparent about results. You won’t be left wondering if the SEO has been worth the investment.

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Birmingham serves many industries and we do too!

Birmingham is the heart of the midlands. The UK’s second largest city plays hosts to a variety of industries as an SEO company, and we do too. We offer services far beyond Birmingham SEO and have worked with clients from a multitude of businesses from all over.

Check the variety of businesses we’ve delivered results for!

SEO can just be the start…

Multi-channel marketing is becoming a necessity. To succeed today, your business needs to take advantage of every digital avenue it can, we offer more than just London SEO, so maximise your potential with our other services.


A paid strategy can get the ball rolling fast. If you’re looking to see quick results, pay-per-click could be right for your business. This is most effective alongside a carefully strategised SEO campaign with the two working in harmony to drive more visitors to your website

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Web Design

Your website is your businesses digital home. It should tell a user exactly who you are and what you offer. We offer bespoke website design to create digital space with a personal feel so users can connect with your brand from the first impression.

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If you want to sell your products and services online, you’ll need an ecommerce integration. We can get you setup with the likes of Magento and WooCommerce. You’ll be selling your products and services online, all with a user-friendly experience.

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SEO is a medium-long-term strategy which focuses on driving traffic to your website. It requires consistent maintenance to demonstrate new, relevant and useful content is being created for your audience. We’ve been around as an SEO firm for a long time now and we know that while search engine optimisation is not effective for quick wins, it can provide a solid source of traffic and can prove very cost-effective.

Birmingham is a crowded space for a business, so what should you look for in an SEO company in Birmingham when there are so many to choose from? As a business owner or marketing manager, you’ll want assurances that you’ll see a return on investment and every company will claim they can deliver this. Take a look at what their clients say for an honest assessment before you make a decision.

Link building is considered extremely important by Google when it comes to rankings. It demonstrates that your content is useful and therefore shareable which in turn, builds domain authority. Regardless of the SEO strategy being implemented, whether it’s local SEO in Birmingham or an international approach we’ll deploy industry standard tools and white hat SEO tactics to ethically build your link profile.

A google penalty can severely affect your website’s rankings. If poor SEO practices have been followed it can result in google penalising your business. As an experienced SEO consultant in Birmingham, we’ve come across most scenarios. We’ll work hard to help you recover from any penalties.

Before committing to an SEO agency in Birmingham you’ll want to know how your SEO strategy (if you have one) is currently performing. That’s why we offer an 8-point “for humans, by humans” SEO appraisal in which we’ll analyse the different contributing factors to organic rankings and make recommendations based on our findings.

Keyword research is a fundamental part of search engine optimisation. Identifying what search terms are being used to find the products and services your business offers can put your service offerings in front of a quality audience. We’re always keen to work closely with you to develop a keyword strategy you’re confident in. If you and your team believe there are phrases or words that are missed, we’re always open to discussion.

Depending on how far your business wants to reach we will adopt the appropriate SEO strategy to ensure you’re targeting the audience you want. Whether you’re currently targeting a large audience or want to expand your reach, our SEO strategies can help.

SEO services and packages can vary when it comes to price. The scale of the strategy will be reflected in the price. We always work with results in mind, so ensuring you see a return on investment is a vital part of our thought process.

Search engine optimisation has been a pillar of digital marketing for years. It can lead to consistent growth by providing a reliable source of traffic to your website. Increased traffic, can lead to more leads and potential customers, which can lead to more conversions.

SEO can provide your website with a steady source of traffic. A well-strategised and maintained search engine optimisation plan can put a business of any size up on the first page with the best. This can give you access to an audience that might have never come across your business.

If you want your business’s digital presence to grow, then yes. Alongside other digital marketing tools such as pay-per-click and online reputation management, you can level up your marketing game.

We’ve been a part of growing businesses in several locations. With 20+ years in the business, we’ve pioneered digital marketing services and have developed expertise in search engine optimisation.

We’ve worked with companies across a number of industries. We’ll get to know you and your team, understanding your strengths and weaknesses and what your goals are. If we’re the right fit, we’ll work with you to create and implement an SEO strategy to reach your goals.

We use industry-standard tools to carry out our work. Our team are experts in working with tools such as SEMrush and Google business profile to maximise your organic output.

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