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We are an award-winning PPC Management Agency in the UK, having Google PPC (pay-per-click) managers that use the strategic approach to generate real leads.

What is PPC and how can it help your business?

If you want results FAST then paid online advertising is the way to go. PPC or pay-per-click, is in some ways, as simple as it sounds. You’ll only ever pay when your ads get clicked on. That means that you won’t waste budget on ad impressions (users seeing your ad, but not actually taking any action.)

So, what’s so good about pay-per-click advertising? Our PPC campaign management services focus on targeting your ads to users that are actively searching for the goods and services you offer. This means that the clicks that you pay for will come from potential customers with a high chance of converting.

Our approach to PPC marketing is the safest way to get outstanding results without burning through your budget or wasting time on poor quality prospects.

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Is your business ready to receive quality-traffic with high purchase intent? Get started today with our PPC management services and watch your business grow.

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A Complete PPC Package

Investing in pay-per-click advertising is a step towards digital growth for any business, but what do you actually get?

As a PPC agency, it’s our job to leave no stone unturned when it comes to your paid strategy. We’ll do this by utilising a number of platforms to such as Google ads, Amazon ads, paid social media ads and more. This allows us to cast a wide net and reach the audiences most valuable to your business.

We’ll deploy a number of different tried and tested tactics that our PPC experts have been using to deliver results for years. This involves thorough keyword research to determine how best to utilise your budget. We’ll also use A/B split tests, device optimisation, schedule optimisation and more to fine tune your strategy to deliver the best results possible.

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What’s Included in Our PPC Agency Services…

As with any digital marketing strategy, PPC is always evolving and therefore we have created a process that allows us to adapt to new trends and technology. With that said, over our many years of carrying our PPC management services we have identified the absolute must-dos when creating, executing and optimising a PPC campaign.

Take a look at our process to get a feel for how we work.

Using our extensive experience as a PPC company, together with proven search tools, we will select a range of relevant keywords, including transactional, and competitor keywords, plus long-tail or branded keywords. The key is to find the people who know what they’re looking for and are ready to buy.

Careful segmentation is critical to getting the best ROI from your campaigns and the cornerstone of ANY successful digital marketing campaign. By grouping themes of keywords, you will clearly see what is working and what is not. Offering PPC management in the UK, we’ve found that geographic and other segmentation is also key to improving your quality score and ad relevance, which contributes to lowering your cost per click.

Running careful A/B split tests is essential if you are going to systematically lower your CPA and maximise your ROI. As you’d expect from any PPC management company, continually testing and optimising campaigns based on data, is a mainstay strategy to produce better results over time.

You can schedule your ad campaigns for certain times of the day to target when your ideal prospects are online, with the goal of improving click-through-rates. Dayparting maximises the budget available at specific times of the day, and if done correctly, you’ll see more traffic and a higher quality score. Another option is to modify bids by time of day, or day of the week, so that you are not overpaying for your clicks.

Similarly, you can make bid adjustments on different devices. For example, if prospects are more likely to be searching for your products or service on a mobile device, then we can optimise bidding to attract more engagement from these people.

Most digital marketing execs have a fear of hiring a PPC management agency who will set up their paid advertising campaigns and then leave them on autopilot. But our PPC management company continually tracks your campaign data to identify the winning ads, and we are continually testing new creatives and new placements to optimise ROI. With our regular reporting and progress reviews, you’ll always know what we’re doing, and what the plan is moving forward.

Analytics and tracking is a critical part of good PPC campaign management. Whether it’s measuring lead generation forms, newsletter signups, ecommerce transactions, fee revenue, phone calls and more. Correct tracking is essential to your success, and we will work with your team to ensure the tracking is accurate and up to date.

Why does your business need PPC advertising?

PPC is a great tool for any business looking to generate quality traffic that stands a good chance of converting. As a PPC campaign management company, we have seen the effects a correctly configured, well executed and consistently maintained paid advertising campaign can have. For your business it can mean more traffic, increased conversions and more revenue. What’s more, it’s also great for building a strong online brand for your business that users will become used to seeing, resulting in your company being a trusted name.

What are the benefits of a PPC management company?

Using a professional agency to plan your PPC campaign can have a huge benefit for your company. Pay-per-click advertising requires a lot of understanding, time and attention in order to get it right. Without the proper knowledge you could blow your budget quickly without having generated any results. Our PPC experts are experienced in building paid strategies from the ground up and catering to the specific needs of your business. We’ll use the knowledge we’ve gained over the years to ensure the best tools, tech and trends are being implemented.

How does our PPC campaign management work?

To start with, we’ll get to know your business through the initial talks we have. We want to understand who you are as a business, what your strengths, and opportunities for growth are.. Then, we’ll plan and build a campaign that suits your businesses needs, identifying the right target audience, what the most appropriate platforms are, what are the most relevant keywords to bid on and much more. The work doesn’t stop there, after your campaigns are live we’ll continually review and optimise to ensure that we’re always delivering the best results we can. You won’t have to worry about being in the dark either, we’ll communicate with you and your team regularly to ensure you know how your ads are performing, how we’re utilising your budget and what we plan to do in the future.

Get The Right Price

Our clients’ budget is crucial when it comes to PPC management services. Therefore, we adopt a practical pricing strategy that considers the project’s size and needs. We don’t impose a standard fee that may not align with every business’s requirement. Instead, we strive to provide fair charges that reflect the actual work we perform for you. This approach guarantees that you won’t pay for unwanted services and ensures that your marketing budget is efficiently utilized.

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A Bit About Us

Looking for a new SEO partner?

We are a digital marketing agency with 25 years of experience providing impactful digital results. Our teams are passionate about delivering results for clients through our PPC campaign management services, which drive real growth for their businesses. To achieve this, we’ve devised our own unique approach that enables us to understand our clients’ objectives thoroughly. We’re not content until our clients are satisfied, but we don’t stop there. We persistently strive for progress and innovation.

We Use the Best Tools on the Market

Our PPC account managers have access to an extensive range of tools that is continuously expanding. Although Google PPC management services are closely associated with PPC, we also employ other platforms, including Amazon ads manager and Facebook Business manager, to execute pay-per-click ads. Our proficiency with diverse tools empowers us to launch campaigns that reach a target audience across multiple channels.

Industry Certified

We’re proud of the many businesses we have helped to grow as a PPC agency. Our cutting-edge strategies have been recognised for the results they deliver and the growth they have brought to our clients.

Take a look at our awards and accreditations.

Why Choose Us?

25 Years’ Experience

For 25 years, we have been delivering exceptional and influential digital strategies, which we take immense pride in. To succeed in the ever-changing digital environment, we have remained adaptive, leveraging the latest tools, technologies, and trends. Our success can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results that significantly benefit our clients’ businesses.

Laser-Focused on Results

At the core of our mission is delivering quantifiable outcomes for our clients. We recognise that accomplishing their objectives is paramount; hence, our PPC services aim to drive the traffic, leads, and sales necessary to justify their investment. Our approach revolves around determining the most potent strategies to enable your business to attain sustainable growth.

Your Friendly Technical Partner

Establishing robust partnerships with our clients is a source of pride for our agency. We prioritise collaborating with businesses that share our drive for growth and success. As your digital ally, we are dedicated to enhancing your business continuously and fostering an environment of transparency, open communication, and trust.

Generating Quality Paid Traffic for Hundreds of Businesses

The hallmark of a successful PPC campaign is generating high-quality traffic, and we possess extensive experience in accomplishing this objective. As a reputable PPC campaign management agency, our focus lies in directing users with a strong inclination to purchase your products and services. Our proficiency centres on driving quality traffic directly to your business.

Innovative Approach

Innovation is the cornerstone of our approach, whether it’s ecommerce PPC management or AdWords PPC management. Our team is constantly abreast of the latest PPC trends to ensure that each pay-per-click campaign we execute leverages the most advanced tools to yield exceptional results.

Our Work in Practice

As a results driven PPC agency, we place significant emphasis on delivering quantifiable outcomes that make a noticeable difference to businesses. Check out some case studies, which highlight our collaborations with various clients. Witness first-hand how utilising paid advertising can amplify website traffic, generate leads, and enhance conversions.

Just a few of the businesses we’ve worked with

Some of our clients have chosen to partner with us for over 20 years. A relationship founded on trust, based on our ability to deliver results.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a digital marketing tactic where you only pay for clicks that your ads receive. This approach is especially effective because it allows you to draw high-quality traffic from people who are actively looking for your products or services.

In digital marketing, incorporating PPC can prove to be a vital component of your strategy. It can generate nearly guaranteed traffic quickly, which can be particularly beneficial when commencing an SEO campaign and aiming to attract high-quality users to your website.

Hiring a PPC agency presents numerous advantages, with one of the most prominent being the amount of time saved by delegating the task to seasoned professionals. Managing PPC campaigns can be a complex undertaking, and setting up multiple campaigns accurately, as well as continually refining them, can require a significant time investment.

SEO and PPC share the common goal of driving quality traffic to your website and generating conversions, but they differ in cost and effort required. While SEO generates “free” clicks, it requires a significant investment of time and effort to gain traction. In contrast, pay-per-click advertising involves paying for every click your ads receive, but can provide quicker results.

If done right, PPC management can bring significant advantages to an eCommerce website. It allows your products to be displayed at the top of search engine results pages, providing important product information like pricing and reviews to potential customers. This increased visibility can give you a competitive edge in driving sales and promoting your products over those of your competitors.

Regular performance reporting is vital for us as a well-established PPC agency, as it helps us optimise our campaigns. We conduct frequent evaluations of our ad’s performance to ensure that they generate significant traffic and conversions. We provide monthly reports to keep our clients informed about our progress.

Our PPC services are customised to match the unique requirements of your business. They can be applied to different platforms and targeted towards various audiences. This comprises managing PPC campaigns on various channels such as Google AdWords, social media pay-per-click, Amazon ads, and more. So while you might think your business only needs a Google ads agency in the UK, there are many more platforms to take advantage of.

To ensure the success of a PPC campaign, it’s essential to continuously monitor and optimise it. The performance of ads can be influenced by several factors, so conducting a close analysis of their performance is a crucial aspect of our PPC campaign management. This allows us to identify areas that need improvement and what is performing well, enabling us to make informed decisions to improve the overall campaign performance.

We’re so much more than just a PPC agency. We have also had huge success helping our clients to grow as an SEO agency in the UK and also delivering cutting-edge web design and development.

Other Services We Offer

To success in digital marketing, your business needs to utilise all the tools available. We have experts in more than just Google ads PPC management. We can take your business to the next level with search engine optimisation, web design and development and much more.

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