What is Magento?

Differentiate from your competitors to grow your business faster

Creating a truly effective eCommerce website that offers the flexibility to grow with your business requires detailed functionality and there are various eCommerce platforms out there that empower brands to trade online. Competition may be high amongst the various software applications yet clearly the most dominant over the past decade and remaining one of the most proven, effective and robust systems is Magento.

The complete eCommerce solution

Enabling over 250,000 online shops worldwide, from big brands to SMEs, Magento offers businesses a secure, versatile and adaptable platform from which to trade digitally. Many well established brands use the platform including Nike, Ford, Coca-Cola and Samsung as well as small and medium sized businesses across the globe such as time2.

The open source technology of Magento provides the opportunity to create a completely customisable online shop. From your bespoke brand look, feel and content, to functionality that supports each stage of the sales process and a flexible shopping cart system; you can see why Magento has built such an impressive reputation.

The system certainly offers a positive experience for users looking to shop online, whether making a one-off purchase, or creating their own account and placing repeat orders, as well as being simple and effective for site owners to maintain. The content management system is simple to use and the system is completely scalable too. A business’ online offering can grow exponentially from a few products to a few thousand without having to change to a different eCommerce platform, another clear indicator why the system is so widely utilised by businesses of all sizes.

Appealing marketing tools

Creating positive and engaging customer experiences should be at the forefront of any online retailer’s objectives and Magento certainly offers ample opportunity for this. Powerful marketing features mean Magento developers can create appealing offers that will help you to enhance customer loyalty and build brand awareness, ensuring you stand out in the competitive eCommerce environment.

With plugins such as customer loyalty reward points that encourage users to return to your shop, gift cards, wish lists, charitable donations, gift registries and functionality showing what ‘others also bought’ will each help to increase your business’ online sales. The configurable checkout process can be built to optimise conversions and increase average order value, plus there’s the ability to offer segmented and targeted promotions as well as a choice of 50 payment gateways. There’s a smooth after-sales experience too, with order management tools, product updates, customisable email notifications and more.

Everyone knows that SEO is an essential part of doing business online and Magento also happens to also be one of the most search engine friendly eCommerce platforms there is offering ample opportunity for your store to be easily optimised and found online. There are also plenty of tools to increase your site visibility providing you with distinct competitive advantage.

Powerful and versatile

Powerful, functional, flexible and secure it’s clear that Magento is one of, if not the best eCommerce platform there is today. No matter what the scale of your business, or your growth aspirations, you can be certain that Magento offers the versatility for your successful online shop. It’s such a robust system and with custom functionality we highly recommend you utilise the experience and technical capabilities of specialist Magento developers, such as our team here at eBusinessUK. We enable eCommerce businesses through delivering and maintaining effectively designed eCommerce websites. If you’re serious about maximising your online store’s performance, there’s so many ways we can help. Get in touch today for some advice, or for an evaluation of your current eCommerce website, all without any further obligation.