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Magento 2

Cutting edge features and robust technology for future proof eCommerce operations.

Magento 2 is the most recent version of the highly successful and configurable Magento coding platform, giving you as an eCommerce store owner, ultimate versatility to powerfully harness ground-breaking features that make selling online easier and highly intuitive.

Our in-house Magento 2 developers have a vast experience, creating an existing portfolio of successful Magento 2 websites that do the business for their owners, day in day out.

What makes Magento 2 the eCommerce website platform of choice for your business? We have the expertise to develop extensions that really does mean the sky’s the limit in giving your customers the very best features and cutting-edge user experience, differentiating you from your competitors to grow your business faster.

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Magento Integration

Get your Magento development right first time and avoid costly mistakes, we’re here to guide you all the way.

Our Magento integration harnesses the capabilities of back-end and third-party systems to give your eCommerce operation the leading features your customers deserve and expect. We’re experts at integrating Magento and seamlessly connecting the software to other leading platforms and payment systems, as well as Linnworks multi-channel management software.

We can streamline and speed up your business processes by connecting Magento to your chosen business systems, either internal or external.

Trading across marketplaces becomes easy and intuitive as you can now manage all from a single point without the hassle of having to keep the plates spinning in different systems.

Add to this our ability to integrate Magento fully with your chosen fulfilment resource and shipping providers, you’re getting far more than just an ecommerce website, enabling you to keep up with the biggest players in your markets.

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Technical Audit

Benefit from an in-depth look at your current Magento set-up to improve your site’s performance and uncover errors.

Our Magento technical audits are performed by our highly experienced Magento PHP developer teams. If you’re looking to iron out the potential problems in your Magento 1 or Magento 2 build, databases and hosting, our audit service give you ultimate peace of mind in that we can highlight any areas of concern, before they give you a real problem.

We’ll look at everything from basic coding errors, through to more complex API’s and integrations, Magento core files and module configuration, HTML coding and payment integrations – ensuring all core functions are patent and not compromising user experience and retention.

The consequences of having a poorly configured Magento website can cost your business heavily, so it makes sense to carry out regular technical auditing, much in the same way as you would regularly diagnose and service a vehicle to ensure maximum performance.

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Magento Support

Full time Magento support from our highly experienced Magento development team.

Magento Community
We have a dedicated and highly expert team of Magento developers to provide your business with immediate support as and when required, keeping your business functions flowing smoothly and downtime at an absolute minimum.

Our team of Magento professionals cover both Magento 1 and Magento 2, so whatever version of the Magento platform you employ for your business, we have the support on tap for you when you need it.

You will find our day-to-day Magento support invaluable as you grow your business and utilise more of the Magento features and functionality. We are not there only for potential outages and any rare serious events, we’re also there for the smaller things that might be slowing you down, so it really does help to have a fully qualified Magento expert only a call away.

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Bespoke eCommerce Solutions

Tailored to your exacting specifications, our bespoke eCommerce services give you an edge.

The best thing about Magento as an eCommerce website platform is that it gives you almost endless possibilities to create unique and engaging UX, tailored exactly to your shop audience with bespoke extensions, plug-ins and API’s to further cement this differentiation.

Our Magento eCommerce website designers bring you an almost unrivalled industry experience, so we’re not just rolling out the basic Magento capabilities, we go far beyond to ensure the end result is highly bespoke and set up uniquely for your business model.

Our Magento developers can integrate your website with popular online marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon. We can also add your ERP, CRM or stock system, so you really have a totally versatile approach that has the ability to fully scale with you as your business grows.

As Magento developers, we’ll ensure your website has all the functionality and security you need, custom designed and configured for your business, to highly rigorous industry standards.

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