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80% of consumers use search to find local information, so using a search engine optimisation company to fine-tune your business for local SEO is a key strategy for sales success.

To deliver the most relevant local search results, search engines rely on signals such as local content, social profile pages, local links, and online recommendations and reviews.

So you need to consider which SEO providers know how to use local search best practices, and how to optimize for Google My Business.

Improve Search With A Local SEO Company

4 Ways to Improve Search With A Local SEO Company

  1. Consider how using search engine optimisation services will improve your internal linking structure to aid your SEO rankings. For example, by improving your website navigation and page hierarchy, and distributing page authority and ranking power among pages.
  2. A specialist local SEO company will focus on consistently adding new page content which targets geographic search phrases, which is critical to your local search engine results. This includes using local keywords in the URL, title, header, meta description, and body.
  3. SEO providers will also look at other opportunities such as creating location pages, with store hours, parking, location, local promotions and testimonials from local customers. Also make sure your SEO providers add a Google Map to your website.
  4. It may sound obvious, but don’t forget your company name, address, and phone number (with area code), and your search engine optimisation company should make sure this is included as crawlable HTML text on your site (not within an image).
Dominate Google My Business (GMB)

How the right Search Engine Optimisation Services will help you dominate Google My Business (GMB)

Not surprisingly, Google prefers to deliver and share content that it can support and verify. So, it’s vital to create and verify an excellent Google My Business page using one of the more experienced SEO providers.

GMB is free to use, but the only qualification is that you interact with your customers in person i.e. you’re not solely operating 100% online.

Search engine optimisation services will normally include creating and verifying a detailed GMB profile using as much relevant local information and media as possible. Next, if you’re using a local SEO company, make sure they use Google Posts within your account, and upload photos of the location exterior, the interior rooms or areas and displays, plus products and staff.

Also, encourage customers to share reviews online, and then acknowledge and engage with your customers (including your location within your responses). By responding with an appreciative comment, this shows the customer that you appreciate their patronage, and also makes that positive review stand out on your listing, and encourages other customers to leave their own reviews.

eBusiness UK, your Search Engine Optimisation Company

Why use eBusiness UK as your Search Engine Optimisation Company?

Nearly half of all Google searches are now local, and Google continue to give more prominence to local results.

Performing well in the local SEO results is CRITICAL to your success if you are operating in a specific area, so finding an experienced local SEO company with a proven track record is critical.

When it comes to search engine optimisation Lancashire is our home, and we have spent years testing and perfecting what works and what doesn’t. The result is that we will offer you sound advice, and a proven local SEO service from our base in Blackburn.

There is no magic dust, no wizardry, and no such thing as instant rankings. But focused hard work, based on a strategy that’s built to last, will always deliver the best results for your business.

How Does Your Current Local SEO Company Perform?

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    More about eBusiness UK…

    We’re based in Blackburn, and if you’re looking for search engine optimisation, Lancashire may not be the obvious place to look! But our clients in Blackburn and across the rest of the UK will testify to the effectiveness of our strategies and the results we deliver.

    Google says that 80% of people use a search engine to find local businesses. Those searches may include different kinds of phrases like “Best cosmetic surgeon Lancashire” or “Blackburn seafood restaurant,” and even service searches like “Search Engine Optimisation Lancashire” or “SEO companies near Blackburn.”

    The bottom line is that if your business doesn’t show up in local search listings or on review sites like Yelp, your competitors are effectively going to be stealing customers from under your nose!

    So whether you’ve just opened a brand new restaurant, or you’ve run a local retail store for 50 years, or you want to grow your regional home insurance company – you can benefit from a local SEO marketing plan. As an expert search engine optimisation company we will develop a plan customised to fit your small or large business, and help you gain the local reach you desire.

    Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on building your local presence! Call our Blackburn office on 01254 279998

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