The Sparkle Club

eBusiness UK takes a historic family firm online

The Sparkle Club is a company with a long heritage operating at the leading-edge of technology. Established in 1936 as Newmans Footwear, the company manufactured 120,000 slippers per day at its peak in 1965. By the turn of the century, however, the buying public had evolved and it was time to take a new direction.

Both family businesses, the Sparkle Club instantly struck a chord with eBusiness UK, and in 2010 we took the operation online, establishing an ecommerce presence and providing ongoing support as online sales grew.

The Sparkle Club

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Introducing ecommerce

When we first began working with The Sparkle Club, they knew everything about shoes, bags, and all the party accessories to thrill babies to young ladies. But technology was outpacing their operation, and the key to the company’s survival was a switch to retailing online.

We worked together to develop a full ecommerce suite. From initial inception through to an established operation selling throughout the UK, into Europe, the US and Australia, eBusiness UK was on hand to offer ecommerce SEO advice, Magento development and multichannel integration.

Automating back-end processes

While ecommerce sales rocketed, The Sparkle Club’s team back-end processes weren’t quite up to speed, some processes still including manual data input into physical records.

eBusiness UK modernised the full system, centralising the resources and integrating all the company’s sales channels into one, automated inventory management system.

Since its implementation, staff have been freed to undertake more important tasks, such as increasing sales.

Maximising sales potential

With a fully modernised ecommerce site, and the new inventory system to process sales, eBusiness UK set about maximising sales for The Sparkle Club.

Measures included full Search Engine Optimisation, regular on-site content updates and link-building with external websites to generate extra traffic. We used knowledge gained from our own successful operation time2, which sells gadgets around the world, to help the company market to customers on three continents.

To help increase conversion rates, we implemented a number of initiatives on the site to encourage browsers to make purchases, including TrustPilot integration to enhance the company’s reputation, promotional modules to advertise special offers to shoppers, and a gift voucher module, all which helped drive up sales and conversion rates.

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