Allied Pipe Freezing

Allied Pipefreezing

Allied Pipefreezing has an impressive reputation for the provision of an on-site pipefreezing and under pressure drilling service within a wide range of industrial and commercial environments.


Having met at a thought leadership seminar we hosted twelve years ago, the company have constantly challenged us to improve their online presence - and by extension – increase sales opportunities.


As a starter for ten we delivered a completely redesigned website with a sophisticated content management module. Since then we have constantly evolved our SEO efforts to reflect the search engines' ever-changing algorithms.


Allied are now a permanent fixture on the first page of Google for all their selected keywords. Over the years the percentage of total turnover generated from the web has continued to grow significantly. The company now attributes between 60-70% of new leads to their online marketing efforts.


"I have no doubt that we can attribute a lot of our success to our presence on the internet. Beeing a supplier of a very niche service most traditional routes of marketing do not provide a positive ROI. eBusiness UK have been instrumental in helping us to achieve our business objectives. The majority of our new clients find us by using search engines and eBuisness' continual work to keep us at the top of the search engines ensures that we are getting maximum exposure to potential new markets."

Carl Paddock Managing Director, Allied Pipefreezing Services Ltd

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