Support & Maintenance

Building an eCommerce site is an ongoing project, not a one-time task. You don’t want your agency to build a website and leave you to figure it out for yourself. With eBusiness UK, the design and development of your site is just the first stage of the journey.

Support & Maintenance

Before the launch date, we’ll train you and your team to get the most from your site. Once your site goes live, we’ll work with you to ensure it stays current, effective and continues to generate revenue and grow. We’ll report back regularly to let you know what’s working and where there’s potential to improve.

And if issues arise, you’ll be given priority access to our Lancashire-based technical support team, receiving fast track responses.

Our ongoing maintenance package includes keeping design and content fresh, and we’ll tweak software to keep it running optimally.

As an agency, we’ve been in business nearly two decades. When it comes to Magento development, search engine optimisation, Linnworks integration, multichannel ecommerce, we’ve dealt with it all. We know what works, and we know what to do when it doesn’t.

If your day-to-day duties don’t include worrying about the upkeep of your company’s ecommerce site, then our support and maintenance package will give you the peace of mind you require to focus on your job.

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