Multi-Channel Integration

Want to know who can sell more products than a salesman? Two salesmen. And who sells more than two? Three. You get the picture: the more places your products are for sale, the more visible they are, the more units you’ll sell.

That’s what makes multi-channel eCommerce platforms and solutions so incredibly valuable. It’s about maximising what you’ve got on offer. Not just selling through your own site, but also selling through online marketplaces and deals channels, increasing exposure and growing sales without the need to expand your product range.

Multi-Channel Integration

And don’t worry if managing four or five shop-fronts sounds like a logistical headache, we’ve got it all taken care of. With Linnworks integration and support, your inventory, stock control and orders will all be routed through one central point, all updated automatically. Everything you need to know about what’s selling is easily accessed in one place.Product listings can be fully automated across all your eCommerce channels, leaving everything working in harmony, as if by magic.

As a partner for Linnworks, we can design and develop the perfect eCommerce platform to replace or complement your existing site. We’ll help you populate it, training you and your staff on using the tools to their full potential. We will also provide you with ongoing, priority support.

Of course, you’ll want to know if our credentials that back up our claims, and that’s where we’d like to introduce you to time2. We were so inspired by the sites we were building for our clients that we launched our own. Within three years, it was a global enterprise with a multi-million pound turnover. The lessons we learn from time2’s successes all help us improve to serve our customers better. See our time2 page to learn more.

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