Magento Website Development

Whether you’re a small business making your first advance into selling over the internet, or you’re already an international seller looking to ramp up your online operations, Magento can be harnessed to suit your needs.

Magento is safe, secure, and it’ll grow as your business grows. Mobiles and tablets love it, search engines love it, your customers love it, and best of all, you’ll love it.

Magento Development

How It Works

First of all, we’ll work with you to define exactly what you need. Magento is customisable in almost every way, meaning time spent understanding your requirements is an investment that will see your new site matching your every need. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, that’s fine, we’ll walk you through the process and advise you at every step.

Once our experienced Magento developers receive the full specifications, they’ll set to work making them become reality. You’ll be able to check in on progress and review the work at any time.

Using almost two decades of experience in website design and development, we’ll use every function and capability to build your all-powerful website. From SEO and mobile responsiveness through to complex tasks such as multiple payment integrations and follow-up emails when a shopper fails to complete a purchase, you’ll get the full effect of this most versatile piece of software.

Once that’s all in place, we’ll put your new site through a thorough testing period. We’ll use a dummy test site before going live, so we’re the only ones to encounter any teething problems – your existing site can remain in place right until the second your new site is ready for launch. You and your team will get full training in advance, so you’re ready and able to make full use of the site from the first day.

On launch, your site will go live, you’ll be ready to begin receiving orders, and you’ll join the legions of satisfied eBusiness UK customers. You’ll get priority access to our support team and our website maintenance team, should you wish to make any changes to design, content or implementation.

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