eCommerce SEO

To design and building a functional ecommerce website is only one part of the puzzle. For a return on investment, you need an easy, stress-free way for potential customers to find you. As search engines account for a majority of traffic moving around the web, search engine optimisation is a critical part of getting noticed and making sales.

Ecommerce SEO is its own discipline, one we here at eBusiness UK have been learning, honing and successfully applying for nearly 20 years. We know what makes sites rank highly, we know how to get you to the top of the search results for the important keywords, and we can get your businesses in among the big-name retailers, making you a major player in your market.

eCommerce SEO

Our long and prestigious track record of helping businesses from Lancashire and beyond to achieve first-page rankings speaks for itself. But if you want more proof, take a look at time2. After a decade of providing ecommerce SEO services to clients, we established our own online retailer, selling personal electronic items. Our expertise in online marketing made time2 an instant hit. The site ranked high where it mattered, traffic flooded in, and today it’s an international success story.

eBusiness UK will help you develop a search-engine friendly website, and work with you to employ keyword research, on-site and off-site content marketing and other strategies proven to generate organic traffic and sales.

You’ll also receive detailed monthly reports including ranking reports, charting your successes through key performance indicators.

We have helped businesses in a wide range of sectors to replicate that success. Small, large, established names and newcomers, whatever your product and whatever your target market, our agency can give you the SEO tools you need to succeed and see sales boom.

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