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Magento eCommerce SEO

Your Magento site optimised for top rankings in Google and other top search engines.

Our Magento SEO services can achieve excellent rankings for your chosen keywords and phrases. As an eCommerce business owner, you’ll appreciate the importance of getting your SEO right first time. Our twenty years of eCommerce SEO expertise is ready and waiting to be applied to your business right now.

The most successful Magento eCommerce SEO is due to good planning and accurate execution. It’s true to say that a high level of competition probably exists for many of your most important keywords. Success depends on identifying the very best keywords that will bring both relevant traffic and conversions leading to profitable sales.

We’ll assist you at every stage, from the initial SEO plan onwards. We will collaborate with you to then action the SEO activity on your behalf. Simply tell us what you’d like us to rank you for and where, we’ll do all the rest.

If you’re running a Magento eCommerce website, but you need better search engine rank positions for your products or services, we can help. We work with many of eCommerce businesses, successfully increasing the performance of important keywords, generating both traffic and conversions whilst providing accurate reporting on progress.

If you’re currently spending money on eCommerce SEO services but not getting the results required, it may be that the partner you have chosen are not truly experts in eCommerce and particularly Magento SEO. Our Magento SEO experts will get you the results you’re looking for to grow your sales quickly.

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Keyword Research

Benefit from our extensive experience in keyword research for higher traffic and revenues.

It’s not just about ranking for keywords, it’s about ranking for the keywords that matter, i.e. the ones that have good search volume in your chosen regions and that will equate to good sales for you. We put a great deal of emphasis on finding the right keywords that have relevancy, search volume and low competition.

Our Magento SEO experts will research keywords that build your traffic and sales. That’s our main focus. We’re not about ranking you for the easier terms anybody can rank for. We’ll truly go the extra mile for you so that when we provide the results of our keyword research, you’ll see a solid rationale for the keywords we have targeted, supported with the data that backs up our choice.

Over and above that, we know that Google are now leaning towards keywords that specifically ask questions about products and services, mirroring the search query behaviour of website users, we’ll research these often, high volume search terms and advise on the structure of content for landing pages to position your ‘rich snippets’ at the top of the SERPs.

We carry out our keyword research as a bespoke service, so if we are researching keywords for your business, we are not simply digging into existing research, it’s completely new and bespoke to your project, carried out by our expert keyword research team.

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Competitor Research

Benefit from our expertise in uncovering competitor metrics to give you the edge.

Our Magento SEO experts carry out thorough competitor research for both organic and paid traffic, so you can get an accurate profile on your closest competitors for their SEO behaviour and how they are performing for your most competitive keywords and phrases.

All our competitor research is carried out by our own SEO eCommerce agency professionals, and we treat every project as a bespoke enquiry, so we take a tight brief on your specific requirements, so we give you the competitor research that matters to you.

Our methodology also encapsulates the profile of your main competitors’ backlink profile so we can evaluate both the quality and quantity of inbound links, i.e. DA/ PageRank, EDU/GOV profiles and compare against your own backlink profile.

In this way, we can recommend courses of action, based on the results of the SEO research we have undertaken, so you are in a strong position to set up counter-SEO strategies to out-rank your competition for the identified product keywords uncovered by our research.

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Product Optimisation

Get your product optimisation right first time, our eCommerce SEO experts are here to help.

It’s one thing listing a product on your website or marketplace, it’s another thing doing it properly, so that it stands the maximum chance of ranking highly on major search engines. Our Magento SEO agency has experts specifically on product optimisation, which means we put in the necessary meta and page content to give Google’s and other search engines the crawler friendly content they love, which stands more of a chance of rising you to the top.

Product optimisation is not the same discipline as simply ranking an ordinary static web page. Using our product optimisation service means you’ll be getting it right first time and avoiding the costly errors that end up with your products listing in no man’s land.

Let eBusiness UK help you get your products seen in all the right places, ask us for a proposal for your product listing optimisation today.

Outreach & Maintenance

Outreach & Maintenance

Making the contacts that matter in boosting your rankings for competitive keywords.

Our eCommerce SEO team based in Blackburn are experts at blog and directory outreach to gain effective and valuable backlinks for your website and major products. We schedule regular outreach activities to both engage and motivate the right blogs and websites to provide links to your website.

It’s our long-term experience in outreach activities and precise methodology that wins superb quality backlinks to our clients’ websites and assists the process of high ranking pages.

Ongoing SEO maintenance is also an essential part of the process, as link profiles are subject to change over time, so our SEO team are constantly maintaining your backlink profile and analysing it for churn and ensuring fresh links are added to the agreed frequency and quality.

If you’re thinking about achieving the best ranking for your eCommerce website, our Magento SEO services are there to help your strategy.

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