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Powerful design and features to grow your online sales quickly.

eCommerce Consultancy

eCommerce Consultancy

Maximise your return on investment in eCommerce, we’ll guide and support with expert consultancy.

As a company trading online, the better equipped you are to run a project, the more you can expect to achieve. The most successful eCommerce sites are those with the smartest teams, strategies and solutions behind them.

Our eCommerce consultancy makes the difference between your results being just ordinary, or exceptional. If you’re new to eCommerce, or you’re looking to grow beyond your experience, we’re here to help make it happen.

You may need training or require assistance in targeting. Maybe you wouldn’t know where to begin putting an inventory and stock control system in place. As a prominent eCommerce & SEO agency for 20 years, our eCommerce consultancy has helped countless businesses take their first steps into online selling. Many of our customers now consider our experts to be an extension of their own company.

We feel we’re in a very good place to assist, too. We’re not just a designer and builder of websites for others. We’ve walked the path ourselves. After ten years of witnessing our clients enjoy success selling online, we set up our own eCommerce business. Built to sell quality electrical goods at fantastic value through multichannel eCommerce, eBusiness UK mentored the time2 team, and within two years it was an international success with a multi-million pound turnover.

So, if you’ve heard about eCommerce design and you’re excited about the possibilities, but you’re worried you don’t know where to begin, how to grow or what to do to make the most of what’s out there, then we’re the eCommerce agency for you. We’ve got the experience, we’ve built the sites, we’re selling products by the millions, and we’re here to mentor you.

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eCommerce Strategy

eCommerce Strategy

Putting the foundations and planning in place, to ensure your investment in eCommerce sets off, and stays, on the right track.

Just as every successful business works to a business plan and a marketing strategy, running an eCommerce business, whether B2B or B2C, equally relies upon the development of a watertight eCommerce strategy to plan the route ahead.

At eBusiness UK, we’re not only content as web designers, to design you a beautiful eCommerce website, we want it to work for you and ultimately be a lucrative source of growing revenues. Our in-depth strategy approach, covered in our proprietary e-strategy process will comprehensively cover all the necessary stages to ensure the end result is performance and results focused.

We’ll implement the things that matter, like carrying all your SEO equity from any existing site and redirecting it to your new site; thus, ensuring your previous SEO investment is not wasted.

Our research and analysis phase, carried out by a senior creative designer before any development work progresses, will consider a number of competitors with respect to their design, so we give your company best-in-class creative and functionality in respect of these identified competitors.

Our designers can then put in place the plans and actions to gain the right kind of traffic to your website. Web ‘Conversion Rate Optimisation’ (CRO) is a key part of our eCommerce strategy as we look to create engaging and persuasive content that customers feel happy buying from.

Design Methodology

Design Methodology

Far and above simply creating a design, we work harder to ensure brand differentiation and revenue generation over the long term.

Every eCommerce website is unique and it is our aim to create sites that both look great and perform exceptionally. At the core of all our projects, is a robust methodology that ensures we get our solutions right for you, first time, every time.

It all starts with a discovery workshop, where our designer will seek to understand your business model, strategy and objectives. Our proprietary e-strategy process is a staged 9-point plan of action that covers every stage of your pre-research and competitor research, right through to conceptual wireframes, creative and branding flowcharts, beta testing and final launch of your new eCommerce site by our designers.

Successful eCommerce design doesn’t just happen, it is the culmination of research, creative and technology, blended to produce a winning formula. You can rely on our track record of designing many highly profitable long-term sites. It’s a testament to the effectiveness of our design methodology we’ll put to work on your project.

It’s the same process we’ve applied to our own highly successful and multi-million pound eCommerce brand, time2, which has given us the hands-on experience and knowledge we can now apply to help your eCommerce brand grow and succeed in your desired markets.

UX & Journey Mapping

UX & Journey Mapping

Intelligence led reporting on customer behaviour to maximise conversions, and increase revenues.

User Experience (UX) is a key factor on whether your eCommerce website wins and converts your customers, or loses them. Via our interactive wireframes, we provide you with the right online presence to capture your audiences, whether they are desktop or mobile.

Our customer journey mapping provides flow diagram illustrations to demonstrate the intended intuitive journey from main entry page, to categories and individual products through to checkout.

With the level of detail we provide you in this pre-development phase, it’s much more likely that the end website will be effective immediately, as we’ve done the pre-research and mapping to consider almost every eventuality.

It all adds up to a website that simply works. From launch day onwards effectively working for you to win and keep repeat customers and grow your sales.

System Design & Architecture

System Design & Architecture

Creating the structures, systems and page architecture to ensure your site performs optimally, now and in the future.

Your eCommerce strategy rests on great design and a structured plan of how we bring your eCommerce website from concept, to functioning reality. We begin by getting the basics in place utilising wireframes to schematically plan the system design and UI’s.

During this phase we leave nothing to chance as we produce flow charts and schematic architecture diagrams to guide you through our development phase. Future proofing your website and allowing for future scalability and expansion is what we do as a standard, so no matter how your business grows and expands, your site architecture and navigation will remain robust and reliable.

With the growth and future domination of mobile technology, we provide structure and content that’s fully optimised for mobile devices and tablets, ensuring your content will flow effortlessly into whatever browser your users prefer.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Mobile, tablet, desktop – we’ll ensure a seamless, intuitive experience that coverts to sales.

In recent years, the use of mobile phones and tablets by the general public to order goods and services has increased exponentially. To have an eCommerce website that doesn’t perform equally well across desktop PC’s, tablets, iPhones and Android devices, is to be potentially missing out on a big share of highly lucrative business.

Every eCommerce website design by eBusiness UK is fully responsive and built upon the highly configurable and versatile Magento 2 platform. Our sites perform fluidly and seamlessly on all mobile and tablet devices with intuitive navigation. Our designers create UI’s to allow shoppers an easy process of browsing through categories and products, to selection, cart updating and checkout – no matter what the device.

We pay particular attention within our responsive design solutions, to the important areas that affect web SEO, such as page load speed, ensuring maximum optimisation of images and graphics for rapid mobile upload and high scoring in Google’s and other major search engines’ SEO algorithms.

As your eCommerce agency, we’ll also ensure that your branding looks equally appealing and persuasive on any mobile device or screen dimension it is viewed on.

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