Why Seychelles Wedding Packages Are Increasing In Popularity

Numerous engaged couples would agree, that planning their nuptials in Seychelles is beyond exciting. Researching venues, caterers and general wedding essentials, knowing the big day is imminent is thrilling. Stress is also usually on the agenda, planning your wedding takes time and effort to ensure no detail is skipped over.

Difficulties include planning a wedding while balancing your daily life, especially if you work long hours in a demanding role. You may be wondering how you can improve your wedding planning experience to make it stress-free and easy! That’s where Seycaptures comes in, we have the perfect solution!

For those couples who want to experience a tropical paradise, our range of wedding packages in Seychelles is growing in popularity. Enjoy your wedding with minimal worrying. All you need to do is choose the wedding package that’s tailored to your desires, book your flights and accommodation, and leave the rest to us.

If you are still unsure, let us share the great reasons why Seychelles wedding packages are so popular;

No Hidden Costs

It’s no secret that weddings are costly. When searching for vendors yourself, hidden fees are commonly discovered on the final bill. Things you may not consider such as postage fees, supplier expenses, hair and makeup trials and various other costs can seemingly appear from nowhere.

We can help, when you book a wedding package the costs are made clear. All our wedding packages list what is included so hidden costs are a thing of the past. We can tailor your package with added extras or customisation but you will always be provided with a total charge and no hidden fees.

Access To Vendors

Researching and choosing vendors is another time-consuming and stressful task. You need to have a lot of free time to make calls or send emails back and forth, to florists, caterers, venues, DJs and everything in between. It can also be difficult to find vendors that suit your needs and tailor their services to your preferences.

With a wedding package, this is never a problem. Discuss your needs and we will talk you through all your options, deciding what’s best for you. Additionally, we use our own trusted vendors for all of your wedding necessities. You can relax with the knowledge that everything is taken care of.

Your Own Wedding Planner

When arranging your wedding alone, you are essentially your own wedding planner. Being organised is imperative, taking notes of appointments, budgeting, contact details etc. It can become overwhelming and add hassle to what should be a memorable experience.

Using a wedding package gives you your own wedding planner who will plan all of the details for you, based on your requests and decisions. They will contact you regularly to keep you updated so you are still part of the process with minimal stress!

Full Service Provided

A wedding package is a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs. Varying from hair and makeup to photography and the fine details, a wedding package has everything you need to make your wedding the most memorable day of your life.

We have various options to suit different needs and budgets for couples, but here is a taste of what you can expect to be included in one of our wedding packages:

  • Wedding planner
  • Registrar
  • Bottle of wine
  • Wedding cake
  • Decorated aisle and gazebo
  • Bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere
  • Ring holder
  • Transportation between ceremony and hotel
  • Photographer and photos
  • Musician for the ceremony
  • Bride’s hair and makeup

Saves You Money

Shockingly, the cost of an average wedding can cost anywhere between £7,000, up to £32,000 in the UK.

Even considering the lower amount, it’s a lot of money to save for a wedding for many couples.

Getting married in Seychelles is much cheaper. Wedding packages save you money by bringing everything together at one cost. At Seycaptures, we offer packages tailored to any budget, starting from as little as €600 up to €2,250. Even if you wanted extras added or special customisations, you would still be paying considerably less for your wedding.

Takes The Pressure Off

Planning a wedding yourself can make you feel like you’re under lots of pressure. You’re running around trying to sort things out, and it’s easy to get caught up in everything. How are you supposed to enjoy the process if you’re spending it feeling the pressure and getting stressed?

Having a wedding package completely takes the pressure off you. Everything is done in- house and looked after by your wedding planner and all the other people involved. You can have peace of mind knowing that your big day is coming together nicely, and you’ll have extra time to focus on other things.

More Time To Plan The Fun Parts

Wedding planning takes up a lot of time and can make you feel like all you did was work without enjoying the experience fully. Sometimes, it feels more like an extra chore by the time it comes around to planning the fun parts. Couples should be able to enjoy the experience of planning their special day.

That’s why many couples opt for our wedding packages in Seychelles. With other people taking care of the essential parts of your ceremony, the pair of you will be able to have more time planning the other fun parts, such as your honeymoon, finding the perfect dress, writing your vows or booking your flights to get here.

Are You Thinking Of Getting Married In Seychelles?

If your answer is yes, then booking a wedding package is imperative. At Seycaptures, we’ve seen an increase in couples booking wedding packages over the years. With the powdered white sands and beautiful sunsets providing an atmospheric, romantic backdrop for photos, it’s no wonder why Seychelles is becoming a favoured spot for getting married.

With various Seychelles wedding packages available we have taken into consideration all the different tastes including islands, and budgets couples could have. If none of the packages are to your taste, no need to worry, we can tailor a unique package just for you. Let us bring your vision and dream day to life. We pride ourselves in providing couples with their perfect wedding day, so nothing is too big or too small for us to make that happen.

Ready to take the next step? Take a look at our selection of wedding packages available on our website to give yourself an idea of what will suit you best. Feel free to get in touch with us, and we can have a good conversation about what to expect and everything you want to be included in your perfect day.