How to save money on car insurance

Driving is not cheap. If the cost of lessons, tests and a car isn’t enough, car insurance provides an even higher price. The good news is that this article is here to help you save some money! Keep reading to discover how you can lessen the cost of car insurance.

Firstly, ensure you shop around, don’t just choose an insurance plan and accept it at face value. Comparison sites are easily accessible online and convenient to use. A tip; compare insurance costs before you even purchase your car. Remember that sometimes the cheapest option isn’t always the best fit; make sure your plan has the correct coverage before you buy.

Maintaining a solid credit record brings many benefits, including lower insurance costs. Insurers regularly utilise credit information to price their policies; research proves those who efficiently manage their credit make more infrequent claims. Check your credit score frequently to ensure all your details are accurate, ensuring you get the good credit you deserve!

Consider all the extras you may need, including; courtesy car cover, legal cover, windscreen cover etc. Are these included as a standard? Or are they add ons? Also, consider paying annually rather than monthly as it’s often cheaper and more convenient.

Add a named driver to your insurance. By adding an older and more experienced driver to your policy, you may bring down the price overall alongside the cost of your premiums. Insurers will assume that the driving responsibility is shared, and you’ll spend less time behind the wheel.

Finally, there could be additional discounts available to you. An example, some companies will offer a discount to individuals with no accidents or violations throughout a specific period. You may also qualify for a lower rate if there is a young driver on your policy, as long as they are a satisfactory student. Always question your insurer on what discounts you could receive, but the final cost of your policy is the most significant. Overall premium costs can sometimes be cheaper than discounted policies.