Why should you be using Responsive Web Design?

Added by SEO Team on 7th Mar 2022 in Web Design

At our Blackburn website design offices we work very closely with our clients to create innovative, engaging, responsive business websites that are tailor made to ensure that website users have a positive experience. We have been doing this for a long time, and over the last twenty or more years we have seen a great many changes in the process of website design. Blackburn has been a tech centre for longer than you might think and recent years have brought one important change to our practice.

You see there was a time when the only way to get access to the internet was to sit down at an old fashioned desktop PC. We know that if you are under thirty you will barely remember such times, and if you are under twenty the very idea will seem absurd, but it was so, and from our point of view as professional web designers there were some advantages in knowing exactly how the sites we built would be seen.

The fact that all users were viewing the internet through very similar devices meant that everyone was looking at a screen that was pretty much the same as the screen everyone else was looking at. Some screens might have been slightly bigger, but they were all the same shape. This made the job of our web designers pretty easy – if a design worked on one screen it would work on any screen. This remained true as laptops began to replace desktops – there were different sizes and resolutions of screen available, but they were all more or less the same shape with the same proportions.

Then everything changed. The advent of smart phones and tablets meant that suddenly people were viewing web content through a dazzling array of different screens, devices and operating systems. Suddenly our web design team had to ensure that every page they created would not just look good, but work effectively on screens of vastly different sizes, shapes, aspect ratios and resolutions. Indeed, all of a sudden they could not even be sure whether their design would be viewed in portrait or landscape orientation.

Of course all of our clients wanted a website that would work perfectly across all of these devices and screen types, delivering the same high quality user experience whether the site was being viewed through a ‘phone, a tablet, a smart TV or a laptop. Some people even surf the ‘net through their smart watch screens, which can present a real design challenge. But our clients were right not to want to compromise – and we are not the kind of tech company that would ever compromise on quality. We only create websites that deliver.

It was clear that there was no possibility of optimising a website design for one type of device and ignoring the others. Indeed, there would be no point in doing that – we would never suggest that our clients should alienate site users with one type of device in order to pander to those who favour another. It also rapidly became obvious that it was not practical to deal with every screen option with its own unique website design. Blackburn is a tremendously practical town, and so our web design and development teams tend to be intolerant of impractical solutions. It was clear that a better, more intelligent solution to the issue was required.

This is where responsive web design comes in. Responsive web design is the approach now routinely used by our Blackburn website design and development teams. It involves the use of flexible grids and layouts that are designed to actively respond to different screen sizes, ratios, resolutions and orientations. In this way, although our web developers have a more complicated job, they only have to build one site, the architecture of which adapts intelligently to the device upon which it is displayed.

There are some coding challenges, and it means we have to beta test our designs very thoroughly before handing them over to our clients but the results speak for themselves. So the answer to the question “why should you be using responsive web design?” is really rather simple. You should use responsive web design because it is the easiest, most practical solution to the issue of screen variety and has the ability to ensure that a website can offer perfect user experiences no matter what device is being used.

Of course, there is more that our Blackburn website design team can offer than just a website that looks good on all devices – however important that is. Our clients need their websites to fulfil a multitude of objectives, but everything has to start with a positive user experience, which is why responsive design is so important. Once that hurdle has been cleared however, we have the luxury of attending to other functionality such as SEO services.

Blackburn turns out to be something of a skills hotspot for search engine optimisation. Our website design and development teams have decades of experience in creating websites that are perfectly honed to attract the attention of the leading search engines. This is a highly skilled field it its own right, and our teams finds that responsive web design makes it easier for our teams to develop sites that encourage some of the user activity that attracts the attention of the search engine algorithms. In many ways it is the way responsive web design allows us to deliver websites that offer a great user experience that allows our team working on SEO services in Blackburn to achieve some of their excellent results.

Ultimately, if you want great responsive website design Blackburn, and specifically eBusiness UK is the place to find it. We have been creating high performing business websites and delivering first class SEO services in Blackburn since the days of dial-up. We know how to give your business a website that responds intuitively to the devices your customers choose to use, and that attracts the greatest possible amount of search traffic.

Here in our Blackburn offices our website design and development teams understand that your business needs a website that looks good and works perfectly on all devices, giving users a high quality experience that engages them and encourages them not only to stay on your site longer, but also to move beyond being mere website users and become customers of your business, developing a relationship that keeps them coming back and inspires them to encourage others to do the same.

Our experienced SEO team knows that attracting the attention of new customers who are searching for goods and services online by making sure your site appears as close to the top of the search results page as possible is also crucial, and that well crafted responsive web design can be a very great help in achieving that.

So get in touch with eBusiness UK now and see how our responsive web designs can bring new customers to the door of your business. We are here to help your business grow.

Added by SEO Team on 7th Mar 2022 in Web Design