Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

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Technology keeps evolving, with new inventions coming out one after another. Website design trends are no exception. New trends emerge, old ones evolve, and some fall out of favour completely—sometimes, what was once modern and innovative can become tired, overdone, and cliched. The last thing you want as people arrive at your site is to lose conversion because your website looks outdated or ignores critical web standards. Certain aspects of web design are unlikely to disappear – user-friendly navigation, data security, and fast load times are essential.

User-Centric Web Design

For one thing, there will be a greater emphasis on accessibility as we head into 2023. This means that non-keyword input, voice search, voice command, and VR (virtual reality) will become essential parts of websites. That said, web design agencies will be placing a greater emphasis on user experience, with web design agencies placing a greater emphasis on creating the perfect user interface design. In the past, web design focused on keyword optimisation and search engine ranking – which certainly remains important. However, with the rise of natural language input, voice search, and virtual reality, the focus is shifting towards creating designs that are easy to use and navigate.

Extended Reality Web Design

Another area that will develop further and make its solid mark in 2023 is extended reality. Extended reality is an umbrella term that encompasses augmented reality, virtual reality, and other related technologies. Once seen as futuristic technologies, they are increasingly used to create digital experiences beyond the traditional 2D screen. In extended reality, users can interact with digital content in a more realistic way, using their senses of sight, sound, and touch.

Extended reality has already begun to impact web design, and this trend is only expected to grow in the coming years. As more businesses adopt extended reality technologies, it will become increasingly important for web designers to understand how to create extended reality experiences.


Since the pandemic, the use of chatbots has been on a steady rise. As mentioned before, in 2023, the focus will be on creating more interactive website designs. Chatbots enable businesses to integrate live chat features, which is why it is a must-have feature for service-providing industries.

Apart from human help, chatbots are integrated with AI (artificial intelligence), which enables automated systems to collect data and cues from human speech and user history to solve problems and provide better customer service.

According to statistics, nearly 40% of internet users prefer interacting with chatbots to get quicker and more accurate responses to their queries. That said, the integration of chatbots in web designs is definitely something to look out for in 2023.

Horizontal scrolling

Once considered a design mistake, horizontal scrolling is set to make a comeback in 2023. Rather than replacing the conventional vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling will be used where it can improve the user’s navigational experience. It will be particularly important in designs with large volumes of visual content, for example, galleries and videos. Here, horizontal scrolling will provide a seamless user experience, optimally utilise the designs’ real estate and motivate users to explore the website’s full length without scrolling.

Important aspects to consider in horizontal scrolling are:

  • Give a clear visual indication of where horizontal scrolling is implemented
  • Use them only where they can contribute positively to user experience
  • Provide alternate ways of navigation

Custom illustrations 

As websites increasingly focus on delivering users a personal experience, stock images and graphics will no longer cut it, with web designers increasingly opting for custom illustrations. They add a human touch and showcase creativity which are wonderful hooks for user attraction. Moreover, 3D illusions and animated illustrations will also add to the trend, making it one of the stylish web design trends in 2023.

In a sea of websites that all look alike, a website with unique visuals will definitely turn heads. They can be used to communicate complex concepts or messages in a way that is both visually appealing and easy to understand. A good illustration can make a huge impact and leave a lasting impression on your users. Custom illustrations are an excellent way to ensure your website makes a good first impression and leaves a lasting impression on your users.


Creating a successful website design isn’t easy, but it’s worth it if you want to achieve your business goals. By focusing on your target audience and making sure the site is easy to use, you’ll be well on your way to designing a site that converts visitors into customers.

To create a website design that will help your business succeed online, you’ll need to focus on two things: making sure the site looks professional and appealing to your target audience. Here at eBusinessUK, we will work with you to create an excellent website design that will convert visitors into customers.

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Added by SEO Team on 29th Nov 2022 in Web Design, Web Design Company