Using Popups in Magento To Improve Conversions

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Some online marketers will say popups are a little annoying for visitors but in our opinion, they can be very effective if implemented in correct manner.

When using pop-ups properly, they can deliver additional revenue/signups, and in 75{6dae46da24e999607385e9be7950c1d4589f4b4e796c45b1daf9b427a72e91a2} of tests carried out, without any negative impact.

Research shows that some online merchants have experienced more than 200{6dae46da24e999607385e9be7950c1d4589f4b4e796c45b1daf9b427a72e91a2} uplift in subscription, which is not an uncommon scenario when using popups. In this article, we will show examples how it could be done correctly to improve conversion or signups.

As with many online retailers, if you don’t have time or skills to create your own code, we can implement a Popup extension for Magento plugin and customise it to your requirements.

This popup plugin offers the following options:

Topbars and bottom bars

This is one of best ways to show important messages and promotions. It takes up little space, customers are not annoyed but still message is still easily noticed.

You can test different conversion options such as newsletter signup, coupon codes, countdown timer and other special offer conversion tools.



Another great way to display promotions without annoying your customers. This works great for gift offers. Visitors can hide it and open it again later.


Slide up notifications

A small notification box that slides up, and can be set to slide up after defined seconds or immediately.


Tooltip popups

This method can be used for different promotions focusing to specific sections of your website or just for instruction messages.

Exit intent

Exit intent popups are shown when user’s mouse goes above view port which is a strong signal that your visitor is leaving your site.

This is a good moment to show to your visitor coupon code or some other offer. If they are interested in it, they may cotinue browsing the site and purchase a product.

To summarise, although many believe popups may be annoying, our view is that most online mercharts clearly a see a positiver ROI in using this tool.



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Added by eBusiness UK on 30th Jan 2017 in eCommerce, Web Design

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