How Professional & Creative Website Improve User Experience?

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The advancement in technology has changed the way people carry out their activities. For instance, people now tend to communicate through online platforms, as opposed to telephone or face-to-face. It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a robust online presence. Therefore, business ventures are seeking reliable SEO Services so that they can be (and stay) ahead of the competition.

People are spending significant amounts of time on online platforms. The activities they are carrying out include the purchase of products, communication, and looking for information. Others are also looking for entertainment. Businesses must create websites which reflect these general online activities. Supply and demand goes further than just your products. Your website’s user experience also needs to be in parallel with whatever your target audience needs.

As a business owner – especially in times of lockdown – you are missing out if you are not utilising the online marketplace. If you’re not, you are likely to lose custom to your competitors. A website is becoming arguably the important tool in business competition. You could have the greatest marketing team in the world, but with a poor website your conversion rate will be minimal. You should endeavor to create an outstanding website if you want to stand out.

Users want the best experience online. When they notice that your website has nothing they need or is difficult to navigate, they leave it. How does professional web design help you to improve user experience? Here are important facts for you:

Creation of Websites that are Compatible with Many Devices

Previously, people were comfortable even when they could only access a website through their desktops. However, that has changed. Website users are looking for more convenience. They need a website that they can access from wherever they are, using any smart device.

The smart devices that people use to access the internet include smartphones and tablets. They want to stream content and access information even when they are on the move. If they notice that the display of your website on these devices is not what they expected, they move on. But don’t just take our word for it. When was the last time you remained on a website which you deemed poor or subpar?

With Web Design from our Blackburn professionals, you can certainly optimize your website for different devices. Our expert Web Designers and Web Development team ensure that the fonts and the graphics are exactly what the users are looking for. Using industry-leading tools, our professionals can assess all versions of your website (mobile, tablet and desktop). They can then make the improvements that you need.

Improvement of Website Information Architecture

The first thing that users look at is the display of the information on your website. Perfectly displayed content is a sign – a green light! – that the business which owns the website knows what they are doing. If your website looks haphazard, the visitors are likely to exit immediately. Therefore, it is important to work on the information displayed. This could be the layout or indeed the content.

Creative web designers understand how to organize the information in appropriate sections. A web designer needs to think like the website’s targeted user base. They can then analyse and shift everything into the ideal position on the website. Your goal should be to make things as easy as possible for your user base – or more specifically, your target audience.

They Make Your Website Content Scannable

Average website users take a short time to determine if your content is worth the time it would take to read, analyse and soak in the information. The likelihood is that they will not read all the information on the page. They look at the display and decide within a split second whether to “scan-read” or move on. Therefore, you should give them a reason to scan-read the content and take action.

Fortunately, our agency, specialising in SEO in Blackburn can always help you with this. The experts understand the concept of content formatting on a website. Designers understand where to place the headings, how to split paragraphs into readable portions, and how to create a content list. Therefore, readers can scan the content and make up their minds as to what they do next – you have successfully eased these new users into the next stage of the sales funnel.

They Ensure the Website Loads Fast

If there is one thing that annoys website visitors, it is a site that takes forever to load. Such visitors are likely to leave. If you have a business website which takes a lifetime to load, that means you have already lost a potential customer. Moreover, your search engine ranking deteriorates. If you don’t do something about that, you will be depleting your marketing options.

You should create a business website, which loads the information that users want, fast! Other industry experts may suggest that the load time should be no more than 3 seconds. In our experience, we believe the load time should be no more than 2 seconds. If it goes beyond that, the visitor may decide to leave and run into the arms of your competitors!

With a creative web design professional, you can create a website that every member of your target audience would want to visit. They understand how to utilise widgets and other useful tools.

They Create the Best Colour Scheme

The colour scheme for the website should be in line with Google’s preferences – thereby showing Google that your site has at least a reasonable user experience. For example, if the content is medium grey, over a darker grey background, then the contrast will not be as visible as Google would like – and yes, Google will punish you!

Colour schemes are not just for the branding of the business, It enables users to view and read the content on your platform with ease. If visitors find it hard to read the content because of the background display, they wont find your platform useful. Therefore, could you blame them for leaving?

Website designers understand how to create a good contrast. If your content is in black font, they create a background of a bright shade. As you can see from this blog, we have opted for black font over a white background. That way, the visitors find it easy to read the information on your website.

They Stick to the Principle of Simplicity

No one likes a website that looks too busy or overloaded. They are looking for a platform that they can easily navigate when they need information. An overwhelming website is a recipe for disaster. You should have a simple website display.

Our Blackburn Web Design agency sticks to the principle of simplicity. The professionals create page sections that don’t distract visitors from the important CTAs (Calls To Action). If they notice that there is anything unnecessary on the website, they remove it. A simple, sleek website is what visitors are looking for.

How else do web designers make the website simple? They leave enough white spaces/negative spaces on every page of the website. Their goal in this case is to reduce clutter on the website. They also ensure that the graphics, images and other elements aren’t overly exaggerated.

Expert Design Requires Proper Use of Images

The pictures displayed on your website convey important information to website visitors. They should be relevant, attractive, and well-sized. Moreover, they should be in the right place. That way, they simplify things for users.

Web design professionals understand how to choose images. They know that quality is an important aspect. The resolutions have to be ideal, to make it easy for users who scan your website to know what it is that you offer.

Take Care of the Security of Website Visitors

People are always worried about their security when they visit websites, especially if they need to log in or sign up. They want to be sure that they are safe as they navigate the content. Cybersecurity issues aren’t taken lightly – as was displayed when Facebook was found to have been leaking information of its users (unknowingly or not) in 2019.

Do you have a user registration feature on your website? If you do, you should assure users of their safety when they register. Web designers understand how to encrypt users’ passwords. The website should meet three important standards:

● Safety
● Navigability
● Usefulness

Work on the Navigability of Your Website

Users are always looking at the navigation aspect on websites. If they notice that your platform is hard to navigate, they leave it, and they do so very quickly. One of the ways of improving the aspect of navigation is to reduce scattered CTAs or important pages. One way our designers can improve a “scatter” issue is to create an appropriate drop-down menu for your website.

With a navigable website, you can expect happy visitors. The users can take the appropriate action. It could be to subscribe to your services or to purchase your commodity. Hire the right experts for SEO in Blackburn. You can use our SEO Services to bring in the target audience; our Web design services to make your website ideal for the newfound traffic; and you will soon be able to use our CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) services to improve your conversion rate. Contact us now!

Added by SEO Team on 24th Jun 2021 in Web Design