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Your website is one of the most important ways that you communicate with your potential customers, and is the way that most new customers will find your business. This means that your website is probably the first impression that new customers will have of you, so it is important to make sure that first impression is positive – you only get one chance to do that after all, and failure to do so may cost you a chance to win a new customer. Nail that first impression though, and do so with customer after customer you will find that your customer base grows very quickly. The positive implications this has for business growth are obvious.

Of course, while it is easy to say all that, but how do you find the right Web Designer? Blackburn may not be over-run with tech companies, but there are still several to choose from. How do you find the best?

Given that you need a designer to create a website for your business our first tip would be to ask about the ecommerce platform they will be using and how they intend to help you maximise sales. We have been web designers in Blackburn for more than twenty years, helping our clients to maximise the potential of their online presence. We have a great deal of experience working with ecommerce solutions and are very well versed in the tricks of the trade – indeed we almost certainly invented a few of them. That is experience we suggest you look for in any potential web design company.

Our next tip would be to give some real thought to the features that you want your web designers to build into your site. How will they create something that engages and rewards your customers so that they want to keep them coming back. Do they have the ability deliver a website that allows you operate a loyalty scheme? Do they have experience building sites that will help you to upsell by letting customers know that “people who bought this were also interested in…” Can they build in the capacity to allow your customers to create and share wish lists? Make sure you know what you want your customers to be able to do on your site and make sure your web designer can deliver it.

Here at eBusiness UK, when we talk about Web Design in Lancashire one of the other key tips we give our clients is make sure their web designers build a site that makes it easy to embed effective video content. Lancashire in general, and Blackburn in particular can offer a large number of striking visual locations. Shooting some video content that emphasises your real world presence and establishes your local identity can prove to be incredibly engaging.

Video gives you the ability to actually show your customers what your products are and how they can be used, or to explain your services. This helps your customers feel that they know you which makes it much easier to establish a real relationship between you and your customers. After all, when you get right down to it strong businesses are built on strong relationships. Regular well presented video content is a great way to help those relationships bloom.

Of course web design in Lancashire, like web design everywhere else, is about more than relationship building. Perhaps the most important tip of all is to check out how well your web designer manages “Search Engine Optimisation”. More commonly referred to as “SEO” this is a vital and never ending function that needs to be at the heart of your website design. Fortunately if you are looking for SEO Blackburn is one of the best places in the UK to look for it. eBusiness UK, right here in Blackburn has been optimising websites for search engines for more than twenty years, and that really is the sort of experience you need to seek out.

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As leading web designers in Blackburn another tip we would give you is to find a website designer who can build you a site which you can easily to add new content to yourself. It will, after all, be your website, and you should be able to add new on page content without needing to call on a professional. The ability to update yourself not only saves you money it also enables your site to be more responsive which in turn helps to build positive relationships with site visitors and turn them into customers. Relevant and regularly updated content gives customers a reason to keep coming back, which gives you more opportunities to sell.

Blog pages or regular video features can be an incredibly effective way to drive an increase in repeat site visits. If you regularly add blog entries that are entertaining or keep you customers up to date with your products and services (or even better, both) you are giving customers a reason to visit your site more frequently, perhaps even making it “appointment viewing”. This can also encourage your customers to share your content on social media platforms, bringing your business to the attention of many more potential customers in a way that is even more effective than word of mouth.

Using your website to commune with your customers in this way has the potential to transform your customers into active ambassadors for your business, putting pages from your site in front of the eyes of people you would otherwise have connection. No other method of promotion can do this, you certainly could not buy that kind of publicity, so please do take this tip on board.

In the end, when you look for a web designer – in Blackburn or anywhere else (although why you would look anywhere else is a little bit beyond us, all the skills are here) you must have a clear idea about what you are looking for from the website you want your web designers to create. You need to have high expectations and you need to insist on what you want. You cannot do that if you have not thought everything through. There may well be people out there who do not think of Blackburn when they think of tech expertise, but the results we can deliver leave no doubt about why we have been able to attract the range of successful businesses from all around the United Kingdom who trust us to design and maintain their websites.

And so that has to be our top tip. Think about what you are getting for your money and what exactly you are paying for. Hire a company based in London or the South East and you will be helping to pat for the cost of their prestigious office space.  Here in Blackburn we have pay for our offices too but our office space is significantly less expensive and so we pass those savings on to you while still delivering big on the experience and expertise.

So what we are really saying, our ultimate tip, is just call us.




Added by SEO Team on 25th Aug 2022 in Web Design, Web Design Company