How Small Businesses Can Do SEO on a Small Budget?

Added by SEO Team on 2nd Sep 2021 in Search Engine Optimisation, Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO is a crucial part of doing business if you want customers to be able to find your services online. The harsh truth is that you could have the most user-friendly, best looking, and most advanced website in the world, but if customers cannot find it, it might as well not exist. But maintaining a website to capitalise on the ever-evolving algorithms that the major search engines such as Google and Bing use to return search results can be a confusing and time consuming job.

So how can a small business, with limited staff, and a thousand other things to deal with, possibly make SEO work for them and compete with larger competitors with whole teams of IT personnel to keep on top of their Search Engine Optimisation? The answer is simple. Call in the experts and let them take care of it. An experienced Web Design Company such as eBusiness UK, who have been providing SEO services in Blackburn for more than two decades, can deliver a website that is already optimised for SEO, and can then help to maintain it so that your business never loses its online edge.

eBusiness UK is an experienced Web Design Agency based in Lancashire and has been providing Websites and SEO services in Blackburn, the greater Lancashire area and across the UK since 1998. In that time we have developed and evolved our expertise to become leaders in the field. So we know all too well that 80% of consumers use search engines like Google to find local services, which means that although you may have concerns about the cost of out-sourcing these operations, the potential return more than justifies the small outlay.

So what can a Web Design Company do for you?

In order to deliver the most relevant local search results to consumers, Google and other search engines rely on signals such as local content, social profile pages, local links, and online recommendations and reviews. As a local Web Design Agency, proud of its Lancashire roots, we understand what the best practices for local searching are, and how to optimise them for Google My Business (GMB).

This is because eBusiness UK is not an ordinary Web Design Company. Our SEO services are Blackburn based, and our extensive experience working with small and medium sized enterprises means that we understand the unique needs of local business. We can help to improve the way your customers navigate through your website by helping you to improve the internal links within the site. This has the effect of encouraging your customers to spend longer on your site and click on more pages within your site. This increases your site traffic and so attracts more attention from the search engine algorithms.

Teams with a local focus, as our Blackburn based SEO team does, also understand the need to pay attention to the small details that mean so much to local customers. Are you explicitly tying your web presence to your physical location and the culture of your town or city? Are your business name, address and telephone number clearly displayed on your home page? Probably – but is that information available as crawlable HTML code on your site? It would be hugely beneficial!

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what that means. We’re the Web Design Company and it is our job to take care of such technical issues and all the other services our SEO team in Blackburn can deliver.

For example, if you are a “bricks and mortar”, “in-person” business interacting with customers in-person as well as online, then you should make sure that you have an effective page on “Google My Business”. GMB is a free service, but Google is always keen to ensure that the content that it reveals to search engine users is something that it knows is accurate – after all its own professional reputation depends on it. For this reason it really is a good idea to employ a specialist Web Design Company to provide your SEO services. Our Blackburn based team is ideally placed to create an in-depth GMB profile incorporating as much local media and information as we possibly can.

Our Lancashire based Web Design Agency will also help you to make sure that you use appropriate Google posts, and show you how to get photographs of your shop, your staff, your products and (with their permission) your customers online – all of these things not only personalise your online offer, but will also help to increase the visibility of your business to the ever-searching eyes of Google.

Of course, not everything to do with SEO requires the services of a dedicated Web Design Company. There are a lot of things that you can easily do for yourself that will augment the efforts of our SEO services team in Blackburn. For example, all businesses should encourage their customers to share the positive experiences they have had with you in online reviews. Even more importantly, when they do you must take the time to acknowledge those reviews and engage with those reviews. Be aware of comments on your social media pages too – even if all you have time to do is respond to a positive comment with a “Thanks! It was great to see you today!”

These interactions may seem small, but they make a real and positive difference. In the first place they improve the experience of the individual customers that you respond to – and making your customers feel appreciated is just good customer service. But these small, friendly interactions also help to increase your visibility online – and optimal performance on local SEO results is absolutely vital to your commercial success. eBusiness UK is an SEO company that is proud of our Blackburn roots. We understand the power of local searches, and we can help deliver that power to you.

We can help you understand that as a small local business trying to get noticed online you do have one important advantage over your larger, less locally focussed competitors. They may have a bigger budget, but they lack your local appeal. Now more than ever customers are looking to support businesses close to home – even online. Almost fifty percent of searches on Google are now local to the searcher. Even more importantly Google’s policy is to give increased prominence to local search results. This means that with a local, experienced SEO company in your corner you can take on the biggest names in your business.

Lancashire has always been home to our Web Design Company. Our SEO Services team in Blackburn has a proven track record helping companies like yours optimise their SEO on a small business budget. However, it is important to remember that although a Web Design Company like ours can make a huge impact on the number of potential customers who find you online, SEO only works at its best when you get involved yourself and use the advantages our Blackburn based SEO team can give you to their full effect by engaging online with your customers.

SEO on a small business budget does require your attention, but it works effectively to bring you the customers and the business you need.

Added by SEO Team on 2nd Sep 2021 in Search Engine Optimisation, Search Marketing