Converting Clicks into Customers

Added by Martin on 26th Jul 2011 in Search Marketing

Every website gets visitors; but the question is how do we get them to stick around once they’re there and convert that click into a customer?

Unless you are completely satisfied with the performance of your site you should always try new techniques to increase the number of people you convert.

The question you need to ask yourself first is – what do you want the customer to do when they get to your site? You may just be collating information through sign ups to newsletters or you may want them to submit an enquiry or even buy something from your site.

Whatever your aim is, you need to make sure that the page the visitor clicks through to entices them to do what you want them to do.

Here are 5 top tips to help make your site work more effectively…

  1. Make the page they land on entirely relevant and focussed on the subject they are interested in. This may well be your home page, but why not try creating subject specific pages that could be focussed on a special offer, a discount or even articles or white papers?
  2. As with direct mail, make sure you experiment with the headline you use on the page – this will be the first thing they see so try different combinations words and graphics and see what grabs their attention.
  3. Establish what information you need the visitor to see without them having to scroll down the page – things like your contact details or special offers.
  4. Make your product or service appear immediately credible by having testimonials or links to case studies on the page. If you sell products for which you offer a guarantee make sure this is prominent.
  5. Keep your messages succinct, to the point and easy to read. Visitors shouldn’t have to read through a full page of text to find what they are looking for!

Make your site attractive and easy to use for the visitor and your website should start working hard to help you grow your business.

Added by Martin on 26th Jul 2011 in Search Marketing