What is SEO and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

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“SEO” or “Search Engine Optimisation” is the fine and noble art of getting your website found by the various search engines people use to find businesses online. Done well, Search Engine Optimisation can give you an edge and bring new customers to your door. Here at eBusiness UK we believe that search engine optimisation is the key to lifting your business to the next level.

Consider this example. Imagine you are one of three artisan bakers’ shops in Burnley. In a world where nobody was using a search engine optimisation company if somebody googled “Burnley bakery”, or “Burnley Bakers” or other similar search terms each shop would have a one in three chance of being the website at the top of the search results. If one shop is using search engine optimisation and the other two are not? Then theirs will be the first website found.

Now consider. What if all of your competitors are using Search Engine Optimisation and you are not? Suddenly your website is languishing on the bottom of the search list and everyone gets found before you do – because nobody ever looks beyond the first page of results, if they even scroll down that far. You might be the best baker in Lancashire. You might be the best baker in the country. That does you no good if nobody knows you are there.

And that is where a search engine optimisation company like eBusiness UK comes in. Based in Blackburn, website design is our business and our passion. We have been building websites that are fully optimised for search engines for more than twenty years, so believe us when we say that we know a thing or two about getting you found online. We exist to make you more visible.

Of course, you may be thinking that you do not really do much business online and have no particular desire to expand your internet sales. We understand where you are coming from, after all if your business is all about customers coming into your actual store to buy things – and the hypothetical bakers in our example probably are not going to be shipping many barm cakes through the post –  why would you be concerned about getting more clicks? The answer there is simple. These days clicks are more than just clicks. Clicks are more than just online interest. Clicks mean footfall. Clicks mean real customers in the real world.

Did you know that eighty percent of customers use an internet search to find local businesses? It’s true – and that is an incredibly important statistic because it shows you that even if all you are interested in is building up a local base of physical, in-person customers who come into your bricks and mortar premises, the vast majority of them will only find you in the real world if they can find you easily online. We are a proudly Blackburn based website design company. We believe in the power of local, we really do, we believe in the old-fashioned high street – and we know that to save the high streets of our towns, our cities, our communities, we need to get local independent businesses online and easy to find.

The honest truth is that whatever your business model you need not just an online presence, but an online presence that is actively working on getting you found. Here in Blackburn we pride ourselves on being a local SEO company. We know how to get your business found by new customers from your local area who want to visit you at your premises, as well as customers who only want to shop online. Whatever kind of customers your business wants to find, we can help them find you.

In the end, that is what a search engine optimisation company can do for your business. At the end of the day, we are here to get you found. But we do not stop there, because search engine optimisation never stops. The algorithms that power the most popular search engines are constantly being tweaked, and your competitors are also likely to be trying to optimise their websites to be at the top of the search. If you want to stay at the top you have to keep working on it, which is why we recommend employing a search engine optimisation company and do not try to do all of your SEO yourself. It is a skilled job that can be very  time consuming and you already have a business to run. Leave this to us.

Apart from anything else, not to brag, but we are probably better at it than either you or your competitors are. We should be – as a leading local SEO company, we have skills and experience that took us more than two decades to acquire. Our expertise was hard earned as we grew our business in a world where online commerce was growing with us – we were there almost at the start, so it is genuinely hard to find a firm that has been doing this kind of work longer than we have. So, turn all of our experience to your advantage and make your online presence really work for you.

Our Blackburn based website design company employs an experienced team of specialists who can focus on consistently adding new content to your site. We have web designers, content writers, analysts, coders and all manner of experts standing ready to make your online presence powerful and effective.

Our team understands how to target geographic search phrases (remember “Burnley Bakers”…) which is vitally important to getting you found by those crucial local searches. Our team also understands that these key search phrases need to be not just in the text that your customers see on the screen, but also in the URLs, titles, headers and meta descriptions of your web pages. So that’s what they do, keeping everything consistently updated which keeps our clients at the top of the search results page.

As a search optimisation company we are passionate about getting you found online. Building your online presence so that you can grow your business is literally our business model. We succeed if you succeed. As a local SEO company we care as much about getting you in touch with potential customers who live five minutes from your business as we do about linking you with customers across the World – but be assured we can do both. As a Blackburn based Website design company we bring our no nonsense, straightforward northern values to everything we do, giving all of our clients a service that they can tailor to their exact needs.

We are eBusiness UK. Welcome to your future. With us at your side, that future is bright. Talk to us now about the ways we can help your business achieve the goals you set.

Added by eBusiness UK on 8th Oct 2021 in Search Engine Optimisation

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