What Are The Benefits Of SEO Services?

Added by SEO Team on 8th Nov 2021 in Search Engine Optimisation

SEO, or “Search Engine Optimisation” is an absolutely crucial part of maintaining the online presence of your business and reaching new customers. As more and more of the world moves online it is clear that if you have a business you need it to have an online presence, and if you have an online presence working with a professional SEO services company can bring many advantages.

It may be the case that when you think of technology companies who provide SEO services Blackburn may not seem like an obvious place to look, but eBusiness UK has been a proud Blackburn Website Design company for more than twenty years. We understand that your business might have the most attractive website in the world, if nobody ever sees it your investment has been totally wasted – and this is a phenomenon that is surprisingly common. The truth is that most of your potential customers are not specifically looking for your business when they search online, they are looking for any business that does whatever it is that you do.

For the sake of an example, imagine that you are the owner of a shop called “Monet’s” which sells art supplies in Manchester. Only people who already know that your business is there will be entering “Monet’s” into their search engine of choice, and if they already know you exist they are probably already customers, so having them find you online will not help to grow your business. Most people would just be typing something along the lines of “Manchester art supplies” or “art shops in Manchester”. It is unlikely that Monet’s is the only shop selling art supplies in Manchester, so there will be multiple results for such a search.

So how can such a business make sure that it gets noticed? Studies show that most people searching for businesses in this way not only never look beyond the first page of results, they rarely bother to even scroll to the bottom of the first page. If your business is going to be found online therefore, you need to make sure that your website turns up in the top few results.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can move your website up the rankings – which is where the benefits that can be delivered by SEO service companies like eBusiness UK come in. We are one of the most experienced companies in this field and have been providing SEO services in Blackburn since Nineteen Ninety Eight. Our business has developed alongside the major search engines – indeed we have been working in the field of Search Engine Optimisation for longer than most of the more popular search engines have even existed – and we understand how to get your website to the top of those search result pages.

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You see, which websites reach the highest positions on the search results page and which languish at the bottom is not the result of random chance – far from it. When potential customers type their search words into the search bar the search engines’ algorithm kicks in, scouring the entire World Wide Web for websites containing corresponding words or phrases. Those that the algorithm recognises as the closest match appear at the top of the list. This may sound like a simple thing, but let us assure you that it is anything but.

Algorithms are not intelligent, they are not using any kind of judgement or thinking about which sites are the most appropriate to the search. All a search algorithm really does is play what amounts to a game of “snap with words” on a truly epic scale. Because of this it is important that you anticipate the search terms which people looking for your services might use and then generate content for your website that contains those terms to make it easier for the search algorithms to find you. The more effectively you do that, the closer to the top of the search results page your business’s website will be and the more potential customers will find you.

It is, of course, perfectly possible for a business to try and perform this function “in house” without employing the services of a company that specialises in such website design, from Blackburn or anywhere else. At eBusiness UK, however we would argue strongly that the benefits that bringing in an outside expert to take care of your SEO services can deliver are more than worth any associated costs. Indeed, we are confident that the benefits our services can deliver to your business mean that we can more than pay for ourselves.

Why is this?

Well, Search Engine Optimisation is not a job that ever ends. Once you reach the top of the search results you cannot simply sit back and relax, assuming your website will forever be the King of the Internet. The major search engine companies are constantly tweaking their algorithms to make them faster and more accurate. The search terms that will be the most effective at attracting searching algorithms to your website will also be constantly changing. Have you really got the time to stay on top of all of these developments and write the necessary content to keep your website at the top of the rankings?

We think you already have a business to run and would be far better served letting somebody else take care of your SEO services. Blackburn may not be the first place that springs to mind when you are looking for a company to provide search engine optimisations services, but we think our location offers some significant advantages. You see, getting your business found by potential customers who wish to engage with your business online is only a part of the reason for having a presence online. Around eighty percent of people who are looking for a local business they can go and visit in person will only look for that business online. This means that poorly performing SEO does not simply cost you online sales, it costs you real physical footfall at your real bricks and mortar location.

Doing our website design in Blackburn for as long as we have means that we have never been part of the metropolitan mentality that expects customers to come to us. Perhaps it is this and the fierce sense of community that is so much a part of the culture in the North West which explains why eBusiness UK has such an understanding of why it is so important for local businesses to be found by local customers. We firmly take the view that a good SEO agency should be able to optimise the websites it works with for local as well as national and international searches. Business is all about relationships after all, and however useful the internet is, good relationships are easier to forge with customers you can actually meet face to face.

Some come and talk to us. Take a look at how we do website design in Blackburn because when you do we are absolutely certain that you will see the benefits that SEO services can bring to your business.

Added by SEO Team on 8th Nov 2021 in Search Engine Optimisation