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Whether you are already a Linnworks user, or are looking into the substantial opportunities of the platform for your business, one thing that is common to all great listings on popular marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon and Google, is the need for optimised content that gives your inventory every chance of being listed highly, and achieving great CTR and conversion.

But sometimes, there is a point at which our need to fulfil these basic listing requirements, happens at the expense of readability of the content and loss of persuasive messaging – the real substance of a product listing that captures the imagination and leads to quick and seamless conversions.

It is the case, that some eCommerce vendors using multiple marketplaces, seem to gain much more sales traction than others, even though the basic set-up parameters of the listings would appear on casual inspection, to be the same.

But on closer interrogation of the content, the differences can become more obvious. What is often apparent is that some stores are simply better at presenting their offer and have more appealing descriptive and image content.

It needs to be remembered that the appeal of your offer is an emotional one. People are not robotic web crawlers and they will take what they can from the product description and images you present on your listing.

The old American advertising model on the buying process; Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) is actually very relevant to how you prepare your product descriptions right through to the quality of your images for your audience consumption.

So to improve conversion across your top channels, think great content. Take the time to ensure that a relevant headline that reads well as well as containing keywords.

Make your descriptions interesting and readable by giving a little personality to them, something to pick you apart from the thousands of other listings they may read.

Finally, format your images consistently. Use good backdrops and lighting, if you receive images from suppliers, push them to give you the best images they have at decent resolution, it all adds to the likelihood of conversion in greater numbers by customers who will appreciate the quality of your presentation.

If copy is not your thing, there are many very low-cost content creator freelancers that can be called upon to improve the qualitative aspects of your brand’s offer – even if you prioritise this for your popular or higher value products as a starting point.

If you are currently using Linnworks, you’ll already be benefiting from its intuitive and fast multi-channel integration features, so use some of the time saved to improve the areas above, and look forward to healthy sales and a rapidly growing eCommerce business.

Added by eBusiness UK on 5th Oct 2017 in Multi-Channel Integration, Uncategorised

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