Using SMS To Bolster Your Marketing

Added by eBusiness UK on 2nd May 2012 in Mobile Marketing

SMS MessagingMobile Messaging is the most used means of consumer communication ever created – surpassing email traffic by a factor of 5 globally in 2011.  Given mobile messaging’s simplicity and ubiquity its perhaps not that surprising that brands have embraced the technology so willingly.

It All Starts with an Integrated Marketing Strategy

It is important not to think of SMS in a silo. One of the most effective ways to deploy mobile messaging is to layer it into all of your existing marketing plans, and identify opportunities where smart mobile touch points can augment the value of your traditional campaigns.   By integrating a mobile call-to-action on all forms of advertising, mobile messaging can bridge the gap between physical and digital, enabling marketers to appeal to consumers’ interest in a product or service at the very moment when the consumer is most engaged.

4 ways to leverage mobile messaging:

  1. Increase Awareness & Consideration: SMS can be used to drive consideration for your product or service by presenting messaging that encourages the consumer to learn more about your products. This can be done by delivering a relevant piece of information about a product (i.e. an instructional video, offers or deals, exclusive content, etc.) at the point of purchase.
  2. Achieve Engagement and Transactions: highly engaging forms of content, time-sensitive offers (expiring today), or direct links to a mobile commerce storefront can incentivise consumers to complete a transaction.
  3. Empower Customers to Become Advocates: transform consumers into advocates by encouraging them to share your messages on their social networks.
  4. Creating & Maintaining Loyalty: reward consumers with valuable content – the mobile device is incredibly personal and any interaction over this channel cannot be taken lightly.

What it takes to be successful with mobile messaging

Mobile messaging plays a vital role in this process of maintaining an engagement with the consumer. Mobile marketers who have built successful customer journey programs that include messaging have recognized the following elements as being critical to their success:

  • Be Unique: The message needs to be unique and valuable. Be creative, do not just re-hash content shared across other channels
  • Be Interesting: Content matters, showcase your brand by delivering content which is exciting and engaging for customers
  • Determine Right Frequency: Deliver messages that do not inundate your customer, but provide valuable information frequently
  • Have a clear call to action: Be specific and concise about what you want the consumer to do.

Added by eBusiness UK on 2nd May 2012 in Mobile Marketing