Mobile – Do’s and Don’ts

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Mobile do's & don'tsAccording to a recent study by Google, four out of five businesses have yet to define a mobile strategy.  If you are one of them we’ve compiled a list of key considerations you need to keep in mind before you embark on the journey…

1.  Keep it Simple

Design your mobile site so it is easy for consumers to find what they are looking for. Simple layouts and pathways will make it easy to navigate your site and quickly locate the products they want.

Your site should reflect your brand presence but does not need all of your website’s functionality – not all of it is relevant or conducive to the mobile environment, e.g. video demos may be valuable on a website, but given limited space and bandwidth, might be frustrating on a mobile device.

2.  Design with the unique capabilities of mobile in mind

Mobile provides new and unique ways to engage your consumer.

New touch points, such as store locators, QR codes and location-based promotions can assist businesses eager to generate incremental revenue from new and existing customers.

Hence simply repurposing an existing e-commerce website may only be considered as a stop-gap whilst you craft a bespoke mobile experience.

3.  Personalise the experience

Given the personal nature of mobile devices, it is the ultimate means of reaching an individual.

Enabling consumers to find the products that interest them (based on their past purchases or stated preferences) provides for a better overall experience and higher conversion rates.

4.  Speed is everything

Remember that speed of use is perceived differently on the PC compared to the mobile. Users are willing to browse at leisure on the PC, but they are not so patient on a mobile device – they invariably want instant gratification.

5.  Integration between channels

Consumers want to seamlessly interact with your brand across all channels without feeling like they are not recognized or remembered at each new touch point. They do not see the world in terms of marketing channels. They simply want to interact with your brand and products through whichever means is easiest at the time.

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Added by Martin on 29th Dec 2011 in eMarketing, Mobile Apps