Mobile Can Pay Rich Dividends

Added by Nasir on 16th Feb 2012 in Mobile Apps, Mobile Marketing

Mobile AppsWith so many industry experts predicting 2012 as the year for mobile, here are some of the figures making the headlines in the business press:

  • Morgan Stanley forecasts mobile internet access will overtake desktop PC access by 2014
  • British consumers are projected to spend £19.3 Billion on their mobiles in 2021.  The current figure is £1.3 Billion  (Source: Barclays Corporate).
  • According to new research from the Internet Advertising Bureau 51{6dae46da24e999607385e9be7950c1d4589f4b4e796c45b1daf9b427a72e91a2} of mobile owners (23 million people) have used their device to make payments, redeem coupons or research products and services.

In light of the positive market conditions, the commercial benefits to a business for offering a well-designed mobile app are clear.  Brands who have stolen a march on their competitors have enjoyed some amazing returns:

  • Dominos Pizza generated an additional £10m in just eight months from their mobile app
  • New Look saw an increase of 60{6dae46da24e999607385e9be7950c1d4589f4b4e796c45b1daf9b427a72e91a2} in online orders after launching their mobile app

So are businesses ready for the mobile wave?

According to Google’s Head of Mobile the answer is an emphatic “No”.  At a recent industry conference he is quoted as saying: “79{6dae46da24e999607385e9be7950c1d4589f4b4e796c45b1daf9b427a72e91a2} of companies do not have mobile-optimised sites”.  He further warned they were already missing out on “such a big opportunity” in terms of mobile commerce.

Added by Nasir on 16th Feb 2012 in Mobile Apps, Mobile Marketing