Visa Europe Launches Digital Wallet To Online Shoppers

Added by Nasir on 7th May 2012 in Latest News by VisaVisa Europe’s new digital wallet service will launch this autumn, the company has announced.  The service, by Visa, will launch initially to a group of consumers in the UK, Spain, and France – ecommerce represents 22{6dae46da24e999607385e9be7950c1d4589f4b4e796c45b1daf9b427a72e91a2} of Visa Europe’s transactions.

The digital wallet will be accessible on PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones and consumers will be able to put a number of cards into it.  Visa says the wallet will help retailers make their customer checkouts more streamlined and drive up conversion rates and shopper satisfaction.

The launch comes hot on the heels of Asda’s announcement that they are trialing Visa’s contactless payment system in 25 stores from July.  The contactless technology, means that some Asda customers will be able to simply tap the reader with their contactless-enabled card, and pay in less than a second when making payments of up to £20. The technology is expected to reduce queues, especially during peak periods.

Added by Nasir on 7th May 2012 in Latest News