Vape&Go increases traffic by 90% in one quarter

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Online retailer Vape&Go has almost doubled the number of shoppers visiting its website in just three months after embarking on a new digital marketing campaign.

The ambitious Preston-based business hired eBusiness UK to run a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign to drive sales for its wide range of pens, e-liquids and other vaping accessories.

Vape&Go QuoteThe project began with a market analysis which identified the 50 most common, useful and cost-effective keywords used by potential customers of Vape&Go’s products. The team also established a Google My Business profile to boost visibility on search results pages.

Implementation began in mid-March 2021, and while it’s difficult to compare levels of traffic to the months prior to the campaign, as accurate data wasn’t previously collected, by the end of May the site had received a 16% increase in the volume of organic traffic compared with April.

By July, that figure had risen to an astounding 90% increase over a three-month period, adding tens of thousands of monthly visitors in just one business quarter.

The work has been so effective that of the initial 50 keywords identified, Vape&Go already ranks higher on 46 of them, and the results have been so impressive that the company recently extended the project to 70 keywords to support its growing inventory.

Salman Essap, director of Vape&Go, said: “I contacted three or four other companies about SEO, and they all gave me a quote and did an analysis, but eBusiness UK’s analysis was much more complete than others.

“eBusiness UK is very good and helpful. They give us monthly reviews about what they’re doing and what they’d like to do for the next month. They’re always available, and everything that we talk about is simplified for us to understand.

“Our website’s traffic has increased and at least five or six of the keywords are now ranking number one on Google. I’m very happy with everything that we’ve received from eBusiness UK.”

Latif Kothia, director of eBusiness UK, added: “Vape&Go is an exciting and ambitious young company and we’re proud to have been chosen to deliver this campaign.

“SEO is typically thought of as a long-term project so to achieve such significant results in such a short period of time shows just how much potential this company holds. We have recently expanded the campaign from 50 keywords to 70 so this is clearly just the start of the journey.”

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    Added by eBusiness UK on 16th Jul 2021 in eCommerce SEO, Latest News, Search Engine Optimisation