Thought leadership – New Thinking for a New Age

Added by Martin on 8th Sep 2011 in Latest News

Continuously evolving our services in line with the break-neck speed of technological developments has become second nature to us. However one of the perennial challenges we constantly face is making sure clients don’t get caught up in the latest media hype. Most recently social media has become the latest flavour of the month. However we always urge caution and help our clients interrogate the value it will add to the lives of their target audience.

We are ever-vigilant in using your hard-earned budget in faddish experiments which may not generate the necessary ROI. The most high profile example of this type of indulgence is Pepsi’s $75m social media investment which didn’t yield much benefit.

Click here to read the case study.

Added by Martin on 8th Sep 2011 in Latest News

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