New sites for 2013

Added by Martin on 11th Jan 2013 in Latest News

At eBusiness UK, one of the favourite parts of our job is launching a new website. Recently, we have helped Dynamax regain control of their site, set up online shopping for Punky Princess, allowed Jamea School to accept donations and given Neales Waste Management a makeover.

Digital Signage

Dynamax Technologies

Allow the company to make frequent and comprehensive updates to its own site and monitor the results.

eBusiness UK installed a content management system, meaning that whenever there’s a new story, or information that requires updating or amending, staff can log in themselves and make the tweaks without external help. We also added video to capture a user’s interest and installed Hubspot technology which allows the company to capture leads, follow them through and monitor how links are performing.

The new Dynamax site is self-sufficient. News and details can be uploaded whenever required and the feedback system allows the company to monitor what’s happening and follow up on promising leads.

Visit the website for yourself by going to

JameaJamea Al Kauthar

Another ‘content managed’ website, which allows the Jamea Al Kauthar team to upload and update their own news and information. We also added an element which accepts donations, something which is crucial to the school’s future. Making it easier to accept funds by opening up the online channel will increase the amount the organisation receives and can spend on its wide range of charitable projects.

Punky PrincessPunky Princess

One of the most lively and colourful projects we have worked on in recent months, Punky Princess is an online community and club for girls. We’ve installed a content management system which gives the site owners full control over what happens on their site, and added an ecommerce element so that they can retail charms and jewellery to their users.

Neales WasteNeales Waste Management

Neales is a company we have been working with for a number of years – something we are particularly proud of as lasting relationships are often rare in our industry. The website needed new life breathing into it, so we have provided a new design which is appealing to users, makes information easy to find and makes the company more approachable and appealing.

Added by Martin on 11th Jan 2013 in Latest News