How Website Design Influence User Experience

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Here at eBusiness UK we have a great deal of experience as website designers. Lancashire based for more than twenty years we have been creating good looking user-friendly websites that will win you new customers and deliver a great return on your investment for a very long time.

Because as a business you need to understand that your website is an investment. Perhaps the greatest investment you will ever make. We should also be clear about what we mean when we talk about website design. What your website looks like is important of course, but it is also largely a matter of branding. We can make your website look professional and appealing to your target audience however you would like it to look.  When we talk about design we are talking more about how your website works. Because for us good website design is about being focused on your objectives and business goals.

The importance of good web design, in Lancashire or anywhere else, cannot be overstated. There is simply no other method of customer outreach that is so targetable, and so intimately connected to your potential customers. Your website can make your business appear wherever people view the internet. It puts you on their desk, in their kitchen, their living room, even literally in the palm of their hand. It is the only promotional tool your business has that potential customers will actively seek out themselves. Traditional advertisements can feel like an imposition and are often deliberately avoided. But your website is something that a potential customer has sought out. The power of this simply cannot be overstated.

It is all the more important, therefore, that your business does not allow this significant resource to go to waste. So allow us to explain how we can use website design to influence the user experience with the aim of delivering happy, enthusiastic customers to your business. We have been working on web design in Lancashire long enough to have built up a considerable level of expertise that we are happy to share with our clients, and potential clients.

We would argue that the first consideration of website design is that your site works well on all devices. It is important to be user friendly whether your potential customer is viewing your site on a laptop, smart TV, phone, tablet, or any other style of device because the days when everyone viewed the internet on a landscape oriented screen the size of a portable TV are long gone. You might have customers checking out your website via a desktop or laptop computer. But they are at least as likely to be viewing via a tablet device, or even a mobile telephone. Those latter two could be held in either landscape or portrait orientation. Here at eBusiness UK we understand that customers are not going to engage with on-screen content that they cannot read properly so when we build a website you can be sure that the design is optimised for every screen you can imagine.

Screen size and shape are not the only things we take care to optimise your website’s design for. We also take great pains to optimise every site we design not only to attract search engines but to be more attractive to search engines than the websites of your competition. Search Engine Optimisation or “SEO” is a fairly high maintenance strategy, but done well it is very much worth the effort. To be worth that effort you really do need to give your SEO operation to a company with some robust experience in delivering SEO services. Blackburn may seem like an unlikely place to look for such a company. Many might think that London would be the logical place to go. But we have been optimising websites for search engines for a long, long time. We know how to design your online presence to attract new customers and to keep them coming back.

We can do this because we have been delivering dedicated SEO services in Blackburn for longer than most of the modern search engines have existed. As a company we have a wealth of rich and varied experience in this area and we build every molecule of that experience directly into the architecture of all of the websites we design. We understand that it matters little how attractive, engaging or user friendly your website is if your potential customers never see it because the search engines never find it. It is for this reason that we take great care to ensure your site has SEO designed directly into its core.

Our conversion-focused website design ethos is intended to make certain that your website is visually appealing, reflective of your brand and clearly conveys your messaging effectively. This is how we aim to engage and retain your visitors. We also place a certain emphasis your website’s loading speeds. Customers generally have little to no interest in staring at a spinning circle in the middle of a blank screen and may will click the next link of they are left in front of a loading screen for too long. For this reason we ensure that your pages’ loading speeds are as fast as possible and that they look brilliant on every kind of device imaginable. But your site will ALSO have a firm emphasis on your calls to action, whether you wany prospective customers to call you, fill in an online contact form or send you an email, we will always design you a website that performs well and delivers the results you are looking for.

As Website designers, Lancashire based and with the straight-forward, no nonsense pragmatic approach you might expect for a firm with such deep northern roots we pride ourselves on building a simple, user-friendly Content Management System into every website we design. This allows you to keep the design of your website up-to-date and in line with all of your off-line marketing without the need for technical knowledge. That means that when you feel a change needs to be made you can simply make it without needing to refer the matter to us. This saves you both time and money and put you in complete control of your messaging strategy, which in turn gives your customers a more responsive online experience.

Responsiveness is important because it helps to keep visitors to your website engaged with your site. The more engaged with your site a visitor is the longer they are likely to stay on your site, and crudely put the longer visitors remain on your site the more chances you have to sell them your goods and services. Turning visitors into customers should be the core aim of any business website. We will design in features intended to keep your visitors clicking through to engage with content and develop a real relationship with your business.

So if your business needs website designers, Lancashire is the place to come. If you already have a website, engaging our SEO services in Blackburn to get that website found by potential customers can help you to reach a wider audience, and not just turn potential customers, but into loyal customers who develop a relationship with your business.

Added by SEO Team on 1st Mar 2022 in Latest News