EU Cookie Directive

Added by Martin on 4th Jul 2012 in Latest News

Cookies TelegraphTitled “Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations”, the directive stipulates that any website owner must obtain consent to store a cookie on a visitor’s device. If you have followed the issue in the news you will doubtless be familiar with the slight softening in the Information Commission’s stance on permission – they are now completely comfortable with “implied consent” rather than requiring all websites to specifically request consent. Similarly certain types of cookies are exempt – classed as “strictly necessary” – these help your website remember the goods a user wishes to buy when they proceed to the checkout.

To ensure you are fully compliant with the Directive we are offering a complimentary cookie audit*. This will identify exactly what work is required to guarantee your website stays on the right side of the law. To set the ball in motion, please call our technical support team on 01254 279 998.

*If your website has not been developed by eBusiness UK, a nominal charge from £50 + VAT will apply.

Added by Martin on 4th Jul 2012 in Latest News

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