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With the lockdown continuing to restrict daily life, it’s never been more important for your business to be visible online.

More and more people are using online services and buying through ecommerce channels. Shoppers are falling in love with new brands they’d never heard of before – and it’s the companies with the strongest marketing campaigns that are reaping the rewards.

A well-crafted SEO campaign can put your company at the top of all the right search results, and PPC advertising can be used to cost-effectively communicate to the exact type of potential customer you’re hoping to attract.

If your marketing is not delivering the results you’re hoping for, or you think it’s time for a refresh, a thorough audit by the eBusiness UK team can highlight your digital marketing strengths and weaknesses and map out a route to better visibility, more sales and bigger profits.

The audit, which we offer free of charge, is unlike most others in that our team of experts draw on their years of marketing expertise to assess the data and make recommendations.

Latif Kothia, director of eBusiness UK, said: “We know from speaking to our customers that audits are easy to come by, but they are almost always entirely computer-generated without human input – and quite often all compiled by the same piece of software.

“Our reports give much greater insight and are far more valuable because it’s our own team working with the findings, which means we go beyond the numbers and apply genuine strategic thinking tailored to your business and your industry.”

Any business interested in a free SEO or PPC audit, or discussing any other aspect of web development and ecommerce, can contact the eBusiness UK team using the form below.

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    Added by eBusiness UK on 16th Oct 2020 in Latest News, Search Marketing