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It’s now been a few weeks since the Internet Retailing Expo, whether or not you made it down to the NEC in Birmingham for the event, here we are summarising some of the best highlights and links to videos from the event.

IRX was a wonderful opportunity for our team at eBusiness UK to meet and discuss a wide range of enquiries and we’d like to thank again all those who attended.

Highlight 1 – Sharpening Your SEO Strategy To Cater For The Current Status Of Ecommerce In 2018

This presentation was given by Nick Wilsdon, SEO Lead, Global Channels Optimisation – Vodafone Group.

Nick explains lots of great ecommerce strategies that you can easily start to apply to your own business including an assessment of how Google’s mobile-first index will impact your SEO initiatives

Highlight 2 – Understanding What A Great Content Strategy Looks Like In A Highly Competitive Market

This was a panel discussion on day one with a number of ecommerce experts including Mike Wallwork, Head of Ecommerce – Footasylum, and Deepak Anand, General Manager – Shopware UK. A great resource on developing engaging and converting content to win market share.

Highlight 3 – Maximise Mobile Conversion: Turn Sitting Rooms Into Fitting Rooms

An engaging presentation by Russ Carroll, Commercial Director – Klarna on how to drive sales via mobile devices and looking at customer trends and expectations as experience moves from high street to digital.

Highlight 4 – How Can Retailers Grow Effectively and Increase Their Customer Base Through Moving Into International Retailing?

Delivered by Alan White, Chairman, Hotter Shoes and Roxor Group, NED,, this session gives some great insights into how online brands can maximise sales across international boundaries by engaging new global audiences.

Highlight 5 – How Can a B2B Company Successfully Transform Itself Into a Digital Business?

This presentation by Ricardo Davila, b2b Expert and Digital-International Executive, considers how B2B brands can harness ecommerce to grow and sell more products whilst achieving a deeper understanding of the b2b marketplace for eCommerce.

Drop us a line if you would like any further information, we’re on 01254 279 998.

Added by eBusiness UK on 23rd Apr 2018 in Events, Latest News

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