eBusiness UK features in Linnworks ecommerce SEO guide

Added by eBusiness UK on 29th Apr 2018 in eCommerce SEO

eBusiness UK has been called on to help Linnworks publish a guide which helps ecommerce sites make better use of search engines.

We are one of only a handful of companies granted strategic partner status by the software publisher and we were delighted to help when they reached out to us looking for SEO expertise.

The guide, titled “eCommerce SEO: The Complete Online Sellers Guide [2018]”, is a comprehensive ebook that explains how sites can better understand search engines and use them to their advantage.

It covers many aspects of SEO which are unique to online retailers, giving actionable tips that readers can apply to their own sites to boost their visibility on the major search engines.

eBusiness UK director Nasir Kothia shared insight and expertise gained over more than twenty years of helping businesses launch online, build on their potential and achieve local, national and global success.

He said: “SEO is a complex and evolving topic, but this ebook provides a useful guide to anyone running an ecommerce operation.

“It was great to be involved with Linnworks and by reaching out to us it proves that they really value or ecommerce and SEO expertise.”

Linnworks is a powerful tool helping multichannel ecommerce operations flourish. It’s behind more than 4,000 online shops around the world, using a centralised portal to manage product listings, sales orders, inventory and customer service.

The software brings together your own online shop with third parties such as Amazon and eBay, automatically keeping them all working in harmony with one another.

Click here to access the ecommerce SEO guide or contact Nasir on 01254 279998 and [email protected] to find out how our partnership with Linnworks can save your business time and money – and help realise your goals.

Added by eBusiness UK on 29th Apr 2018 in eCommerce SEO

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