Tis The Season To Be Merry

Added by Martin on 23rd Nov 2011 in eMarketing

ShoppersFor many businesses Christmas represents the busiest time of year.  To make sure you make the most of the festive opportunity, here are a few recommendations on how to maximise sales with a considered email strategy:

  • Use subject lines that grab your audiences attention
    Words that imply urgency such as “hurry whilst stocks last” or “offer ends this weekend” are the most effective in increasing click through rates
  • Keep it personal
    Segment your database in customer types – the metrics you choose could be demographics, psychographics or past spending patterns.  Whichever option you choose it will help ensure your offers feel more personalised
  • Cleanse your data
    Make sure your customer details are up to date.  Not only does this help conversion rates but it protects your brands reputation.
  • Testing makes perfect
    Always test your email content – a slight change of emphasis in the tonality can make a significant difference to how well a message is received.
  • Quantify the results of each campaign
    Recording how each campaign performs is invaluable in informing your future strategy.  Its crucial to know what worked (and perhaps more importantly what didn’t work!)
  • Don’t neglect post-season opportunities
    Some customers will resist spending till the new year sales.  Timely communication after the Christmas period will help ensure you stay top-of-mind for the bargain-hunters.

Added by Martin on 23rd Nov 2011 in eMarketing

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