Four key types of shoppers and how to reach them on their smartphone

Added by Martin on 6th Feb 2012 in eCommerce, Mobile Marketing

Mobile Websites & AppsRecent studies have found that most people’s shopping behaviour fits into four distinct categories:

  • The bargain hunter
  • The digital native
  • The loyalist
  • The roamer

Here are some ideas on how to tailor your mobile marketing for each group:

Bargain hunter

“I like to use my phone to research products and then buy where it is cheapest.”

Bargain hunters seek out discounts at their favourite stores, but will also check out competitive stores before purchasing. They look for coupons and promotions online and are beginning to rely on mobile sites and smartphone apps to research products and find discounts.

Ways to reach the bargain hunter:

Create in-store signage with QR codes next to products that are on offer.  When scanned, a coupon along with information on the product and user reviews instantly becomes available.

Digital native

“SMS, Facebook and Twitter are my preferred methods of communication. I love downloading music, playing games and buying tickets from my phone.”

The digital native is a tech-savvy younger individual not easily reached by traditional media. This group spends a lot of time online and will use mobile phones to access content regularly. Also, this group is hooked on SMS. For marketers, this is good news because more than 90 percent of SMS messages are opened and read compared to less than 40 percent of all email.

Ways to reach the digital native:

SMS and more SMS. Offer a mobile opt-in club for exclusive offers. Also consider text-to-win competitions as they love the thrill of entering!


“I am prepared to be loyal to a brand or store, but expect to be rewarded for doing so.”

Often creatures of habit their loyalty needs to be earned.  However once secured they tend to stay with you for the long-run.

Ways to reach the loyalist:

Ask loyalty programme members to text in their reward card number to tie it to their mobile phone.  Sending them mobile coupons based on spend patterns and shopping behavior is a fail-safe way to retain their custom.


“I am a bit fickle in my buying behavior and can be influenced if the offer or reward is right.”

Similar to the bargain hunter, the fickle roamer is always looking for a better deal (or reward).  However where they differ is their propensity to try new things and follow the latest trends.

Ways to reach the roamer:

Earn the roamers’ purchases through eye-catching campaigns that offer instant gratification – albeit for a short while!  Novelty is the key so new technologies like holographic QR Codes may be a sure-fire way of getting their attention.

Added by Martin on 6th Feb 2012 in eCommerce, Mobile Marketing