e-Tail grows during 2011!

Added by Martin on 3rd Jan 2012 in eCommerce

The latest data on the health of the e-Tail industry shows a staggering growth of 18{6dae46da24e999607385e9be7950c1d4589f4b4e796c45b1daf9b427a72e91a2} in the last twelve months.  With the online market continuing to grow from strength to strength, here’s an introductory guide to eBay and Amazon…

Amazon & EbayWhy use online marketplaces?

  • Ready-made audience
    Both eBay and Amazon have a massive audience, providing a ready-made marketplace for products.  In the UK alone, eBay has over 14 million active users. Whilst other online sales channels, especially natural search traffic from Google, take time to build, online marketplaces provide instant sales, getting a business off to a flying start.
  • Simple
    Setting up a presence on an online marketplace requires no technical knowledge, although knowledge of HTML is a help when creating attractive, compelling listings on eBay.
  • Trust and protection
    Consumer trust is a real problem for new retailers. With their well-recognised brands and protection schemes, the major marketplaces can help online retailing newbies avoid this problem. Both eBay and Amazon, to different extents, offer a level of consumer and retailer protection. Amazon acts as an intermediary guaranteeing every sale though its marketplace. eBay offers buyer and seller protection for customers who use its PayPal online payment service.

In our experience there is no “one size fits all” silver bullet.  Invariably the industry sector you operate in will determine which options works best for you. One of our sister companies has found that electronic products priced above £100 have sold more successfully through its own e-commerce website and Amazon.  Conversely items with a lower price point have sold in larger quantities on eBay.

Added by Martin on 3rd Jan 2012 in eCommerce