eBusiness UK helps PPE firm reduce cost of conversion by more than 75%

Added by eBusiness UK on 23rd Nov 2020 in Case Study, PPC

Since beginning work with PPE Supplies Direct in late summer, eBusiness UK has slashed thousands of pounds from the company’s digital marketing bill whilst dramatically increasing the number of sales made.

PPE Supplies Direct urgently needed to stand out in a crowded marketplace when the  coronavirus pandemic caused a surge of demand in its industry.

The company, based in Sevenoaks, Kent, enlisted our services to promote its inventory, much of which can be used by businesses to keep staff and customers protected against the coronavirus.

We set to work on a new pay-per-click and search engine optimisation plan which has yielded almost immediate results.

By running a more streamlined campaign – one that was more effective in attracting the right type of visitors to the company’s website – we have been able to greatly reduce the cost of the campaign while increasing the number of sales made.

Before working with us, PPE Supplies Direct would spend as much as £13,000 on digital marketing in a month, which has reduced to an average of £5,000 under our new plan. At the same time, sales conversions have almost doubled, meaning that the amount of money spent to secure each sale has reduced by almost 80%.

Latif Kothia, eBusiness UK director, said: “PPE Supplies Direct sells the exact types of products which are in high demand during the coronavirus pandemic, so the real challenge was being noticed in a hotly competitive marketplace while keeping spending to a reasonable level.

“We used our expert analysis tools to evaluate what was already working well, and where there were opportunities to do things more effectively and where there were opportunities to save money.”

Latif added: “PPE Supplies Direct is a hard-working business built on family values – just as we are – and we’re delighted to have realised such immediate results for them, and we’re looking forward to building a long-term relationship which proves even more fruitful over the coming months and years.”

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    Added by eBusiness UK on 23rd Nov 2020 in Case Study, PPC